Monday, June 25, 2007


Ask anyone who knows us and they'll agree... we're early-bedtime kinda people. For the kids, anyway. That said, we've been absolutely turned on our heads!

Example: We traveled with the team yesterday to Topeka, Kansas for a 7 pm game, leaving at 4:30. The team lost a heartbreaker and we left the ballpark at 10:30 pm. We found our way to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late dinner and arrived back "home" at 1am. We slept in until 10:30.
That's basically our life these days. Breakfast at noon, naps at 3 pm and we do it all again.

I considered skipping last night's game, but it's what we're here for.

The kids are doing amazingly well, I must say. As long as everyone is fed and we find shade, we're okay. It is hot. It was still 90 degrees at 10pm last night.

And when I say "we slept in", I mean the kids and I. Kelly and the team are working a camp this morning - they left at 8 this morning and will be back after lunch. No game today, thankfully!

We're still loving it! We look forward to a stretch of home games this week, a trip to the mall & swimming pool, visits with my sister and a celebration of Claire's 6th birthday! ... We can always sleep next month!

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