Monday, November 26, 2007

Back In Natch

I realize I've mentioned this before, but just in case you missed it... We live in Natchitoches. But you don't pronounce it that way. You say it "Nack-uh-dish". Weird, I know. Just in case you were wondering...

We arrived home from Florida on Saturday evening. The eight-hour drive felt even longer, especially when the kids needed to stop frequently for potty breaks (much to Kelly's dismay!). We did make it, though, and we look forward to spending much LESS time in the van than we have in recent days.

Claire & Nolan started at their new school today. It's called Oasis of Love Christian Academy. When we first considered the school, I couldn't say the name with a straight face. Claire danced around singing "Oasis of Love" this morning as she was giddy to begin her day. Nolan was looking forward to his day as well, though was a bit more quiet. I have to admit I'm nervous for Nolan. He attended school all day before, but he & I were in the same building! It took quite a while for him to adjust at the beginning of the year, though Kelly was gone and I'm certain that had a lot to do with it. Kelly & I dropped them off this morning, along with their mountain of school supplies. I asked Kelly if we could try to avoid moving during the school year again, as it's hard to find all the "necessities" long after school has started. We've had to buy new backpacks, lunchboxes and uniforms as everything we already owned was "contraband" (Kelly's words!). I'm still searching for the right color sweatshirts!

With Kelly at the office and the kids at school, that leaves me... well, all alone. Not something I'm used to. I drove all around searching for those sweatshirts, but the shopping choices in Natchitoches is limited. I got a haircut and took a driving tour of the town. I explored downtown a bit, got a coffee and am now at the library (still no internet at home).

I'm in the beginning phases of a job search and hope to find something at the University. I should enjoy my time off, but I get bored & lonely. I need something besides laundry and unpacking boxes to keep me busy!

What else... Claire is playing Upwards basketball and has her evaluation tonight. She excited to be part of the team and can't wait to get started. Nolan is looking forward to going to the games and cheering on his big sister. Claire learned to ride her bike without training wheels this weekend and is now "free" (her word)!

This week is Kelly's final week of fall practice until the players break for 5 weeks. Then the real stuff starts. Let's just say that a Division 1 schedule is a bit more rigorous than what he's used to. Plus the fact they can start playing as early as February...

Okay, that's it for now. I know you're dying for more, but you'll just have to wait. Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Many Thanks

Well, the Spanns hit the road again and today I greet you from DeFuniak Springs, Florida. We left yesterday (Tuesday) at 3am and arrived just after 11am. Kelly drove, the kids & I slept and we're enjoying family. We'll spend this week with Kelly's mom, grandmother, aunt & uncle. It's been a very, very long time since we've seen them and we're so happy to be here!

We stopped for gas in Daphne, Alabama, home of our first apartment 10 years ago. It was pretty strange to be there... I felt as though there should be a bit more ceremony to our return, but instead we were just 'there'. Driving into Florida on I10 brought back lots of memories, too, as we made that trip several times when we lived here...

Back in LA (I like saying that - with a cheesy smile, of course) we're settling in. We've finally rid ourselves of the giant yellow moving truck, and I'll be happy if I don't see another one for a very long time. We've enjoyed some great weather. The day we arrived it was 85 and pretty humid. I put the kids in shorts the next day and we headed out to visit their new school. Of course, it was in the 60s, and people looked at us like we were nuts! We will acclimate quickly, I'm certain, and those mid-50s will feel much colder!

As we another Thanksgiving, we realize that The Spann Fam has much to be thankful for. Our safe move, our excellent health, our wonderful friends & family. We have an amazing God who loves & provides for us far beyond our needs. We offer many thanks for all that we have, for all the amazing people in our lives, all that is in store for us!

We wish you & yours all the best... Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

(Super Quick) Update!

We made it! The Spanns are now officially residents of Natchitoches, Louisiana. It took almost 1200 miles, over 18 hours of driving and lots of money on gas - but we finally arrived on Wednesday. Since then we've been unloading the truck, unpacking boxes, re-packing boxes and reloading the truck with many of our belongings going into storage.

We don't have internet access quite yet (we're scheduled for Monday), and I'm sitting in the baseball locker room as I type. NSU is playing their last home football game. We're enjoying 70 degree weather and well... we're beat!

More later... I promise!

To those we left: WE MISS YOU!! (To those we left a long time ago: We miss you, too!!)

Friday, November 09, 2007


Too Busy To Blog!

So much happening 'round here, I'm barely keeping up! Kelly's been in Rochester for 9 days, but I've still seen him very little. Our church hosted a Parenting Seminar last weekend and I put in many hours. It was a great event, but I'm still catching up in all areas!

Kelly is THE BOMB (I know, I'm lame) as he's been packing up EVERYTHING! I've not had a day off since he's been home and I'll work today, tomorrow and Sunday. We leave Monday. Pure craziness, but it's good.

I'll check back when I have more time to write. Until then, I'm working away...