Sunday, January 20, 2013

summer lovin

Yes, I'm fully aware that it's January 20th. I am also aware that despite my promises to update the blog, I have been absent as of late. You know, life... happens. So much of which is too boring or too frighteningly personal to post on the internet for all 3 people who read this to see. I've kept it all in. Okay, if you know me than you know that I like to talk. A lot. NOTHING is really ever held in.

So instead of waxing poetic or reflecting on the new year or sharing my deepest thoughts, I thought I'd share my summer dreams.

It's winter. It's cold. It rained for most of Christmas break.  It finally stopped this week. I am anxious to get outside, to feel the sunshine. To sweat. Yes, I said it. I am ready for a long, hot summer. I am ready for bright colors, glaring sunshine and the sunburns that inevitably follow, despite the amount of SPF I wear.

Last summer I did nothing. Really. I know I did something - or maybe even a few somethings, heck we even had a list - but while I relaxed and enjoyed my months off, I didn't fully take advantage. This summer will be different. I will plant a raised vegetable garden. I will recover our patio furniture cushions and install a fire pit. I will paint the trim in our living room (maybe). I will (convince Kelly to) build out the old, existing slide play structure into a cool, awesome fort for the kids.

I will also relax to the best of my ability. I will swim in the pool as often as I can. I will read as many books as possible. I will be creative with my kids.

I am longing for bright colors, loud summer playlists and midnight swims. No big vacation needed (remind me that I said that come June). I just need summer! My thoughts on our backyard, Summer 2013...

Yes, I know. I must get through the remainder of January. And not to mention February, March and April. I will rejoice when it's 90 degrees in May. Don't kill my summer buzz.