Friday, June 01, 2007

One Week...

...Not that I'm counting or anything! I must say, we're surviving. My biggest complaint is boredom. (How many moms can claim that one!) I'm very much an extrovert, meaning that I refuel by being around people. My kids certainly are people, but I'm pretty sure I need adult time which I'm definitely lacking. As a result, I don't have the energy I usually do. I'm trying to self-motivate and I'm getting better. I've found myself chatting up strangers at the park or the store & keeping my sister on the phone too long. I do get to chat with Kelly, but his schedule is pretty jam packed, leaving our conversations short and sweet.

This week has felt especially long, but hopefully that won't be the case too much longer. Again we'll have movie sleepover night (Wizard of Oz is up tonight... we'll have to skip through those scary flying monkey scenes!), followed by soccer and church tomorrow night. I've found myself teaching Claire's Sunday School class on Saturday evenings (is it called Saturday School?) for the remainder of the summer. I've surprised myself by really loving attending the Saturday evening service. It's very-laid back and relaxed and in a church our size, it's a chance to slow down and be more relational. Plus, they serve dinner each week following the service. On Sunday my sister and nephew arrive for a visit and will stay until Thursday. The following week my mom comes to town and will be here for the weekend. Then we'll head down to KC the following weekend. There are gaps in there where we have empty days, but if I think about our calendar in those terms, it's much easier for me to take!

Looking towards the fall, I've committed to more hours at the preschool. I'll be in a 3-year old class Mon-Thurs mornings. And beginning in the end of July I'll be working at our church 15+ hours a week, covering for our Elementary Director in the Children's Ministry dept while she's on maternity leave, 6 weeks or so. I'm eagerly looking forward to working in a great environment with really great people. I'm feeling just a bit intimidated, because I've only done this kind of work on a volunteer basis before. But I'm not about to complain about being paid for something I've always done for free! There is also the possibility of a permanent position in the Children's Ministry dept following the 6-week period... waiting on the Lord for that one.

That pretty much sums it up for this week. Claire has been really great, growing up right before my eyes. I have to remember she's only going to be six on her birthday, not sixteen. I count on her a lot, we share many knowing glances and smiles when Nolan is, well, being Nolan. He's definitely struggling in his own way without Dad. A little more attitude, shall we say. It doesn't help that his sleep is way out of whack, but I'm hoping that once we're ALL in summer vacation mode, it will help to get him rounded out.

The bus is about to roll up and deliver my girl, so it's time for hugs and lunch. I'm off... Have a great weekend!

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