Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Latest and Greatest

What's new with the Spanns? Well, I didn't want to bore you with details that only include baseball, which explains the lack of blog posts. But then I remembered, that if I skip the baseball stories, there will be nothing left to tell!

Last Tuesday the kids & I headed to Baton Rouge to watch the Demons take on LSU. It was a beautiful evening. LSU has just built a new ballpark and it's very nice - like a mini major-league park. The concession prices reflected that feel as well, as I spent $23 on snacks, including five-dollar "Tiger" Cotton Candy! Ultimately, the Demons lost, but it was a great game. We pitched really well and remained tied 1-1 until the bottom of the 9th, when we just couldn't hold em any longer. I was the proud team 'momma' and was so happy we could be there.

We joined the 21st century when Mandy accompanied us on our venture south. She helped us find our way with no incidents, and even guided us to a Dick's Sporting Goods prior to the game to pick up new cleats & uniform necessities for the kids' upcoming season. Mandy, of course, is the name of our GPS. As many are aware, I can get lost driving just about anywhere (even if I've driven there several times) and have no sense of direction.

Just when I thought we were totally recovered from our recent fever-cough bout with the kids, I heard Nolan cough-cough-coughing all night last night. Both Nolan and Claire stayed home from school recently due to minor illnesses. It was a first for the Spann fam, as our kids are usually quite healthy and if they do get sick, it's always been during a school break!

These days, we're either at one ballpark or another. If it's not for a college game, it's for either of the kids' practice. They have pre-season scrimmages and tournament coming up. Lots of rain has brought some cancellations, for which I rejoice in, just to have an evening at home!

We head to Huntsville, Texas this weekend, as the kids are out of school on Friday and we love to travel to away games. The Demons take on Sam Houston State and the highlight (besides the baseball) will be going to see the 3D movie 'Monsters vs. Aliens'. Kelly leaves with the team this morning to play Texas A&M and will stay in Texas (that's my favorite country, Mom - says Nolan) through the weekend.

I chopped my hair off, my usual spring makeover, inspired by Katie Holmes.

And that's about it. The latest and greatest in the life of the Spann Fam. Yeah, not so exciting, but hey, it's what we do.

Friday, March 13, 2009



Above is a link to the children's page of our former church in Rochester, Christ Community Church of Rochester. Isn't she cute!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring Cleaning... Or Not

This past week I was determined to tackle my Spring Cleaning. We still have a cold spell here or there (do I sound southern??) but it's into the 80s & so so humid now, so I'm wearing a white cotton skirt today and don't feel silly about it.

Kelly was out of town for ballgames most of the week and I figured it would be a great time to tackle the job. But the weekdays came and went and nothing got done. Friday evening was spent with a fellow coaches wife, Saturday was filled with the last games of basketball and awards.

(Baseball had a great weekend. The Demons won the first 2 games their first conference series and were hoping for a sweep with a win on Sunday afternoon.)

So Sunday was the day. We played hooky from church (yes, we do that from time to time) and committed to the cleaning process. Recovering from the time change we were still in our jams at 10am. I had finished Nolan's room and was halfway done in various other places when Kelly sent a text asking if we were coming down to Lake Charles, a near 3-hour drive. I replyed, thinking he sent the text to the wrong person. That's when I realized what he meant. I've been known to hop in the car at the last minute and surprise Kelly at an away game. Well, my thoughts couldn't have been further from that idea... but now that he mentioned it...

We did just that. We left the mess behind, and headed south. We arrived in the 2nd inning and enjoyed an afternoon in the sunshine. The Demons eventually lost 15-14, but it was exciting to watch as a senior hit a grand slam to bring us within 1 run.

Kelly joined us on the drive home and we pulled in just as the sun was setting. Thus begins another week in the life of the Spanns. Kelly travels to Texas for a mid-week game and we'll enjoy a weekend series at home. The kids begin baseball & softball practice this week (no rest for the weary... parents - that is!).

As Spring roars in, here's hoping you & yours enjoys sun on your face and a "spring" in your step! (Yeah - I'm cheesy!)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Big Win!

The Demons enjoyed a victory in New Orleans over Tulane University last night 10-6, with a rally in the bottom of the 10th inning. Northwestern hadn't beaten Tulane in over 20 years, and this makes only the 4th win over the Green Wave ever.

I only wish I could've been there! They play again this afternoon at 3pm. Check it out HERE!

Monday, March 02, 2009


Inhale... exhale. Repeat.

We've been going a ga-jillion miles an hour and will finally slow down a bit this week. It's been all-baseball-all-the-time since last weekend. Since Tuesday the Demons have had 5 home games and we've been at every one. They won 4 of the games and we enjoyed an entire range of weather. Friday night saw tank tops and flip flops, Saturday was freezing with scarves, blankets and hand-warmers.

Kelly & the team head to Tulane on Tuesday and Wednesday. They're home for a day then head south again to McNeese State University until Sunday. While I dread Kelly being gone, I'm looking forward to a slower week.

Basketball season is nearing it's end for Claire & Nolan with just one more game to play. No rest, though, because it's Dixie Youth Baseball time! Nolan being a rookie, had tryouts on Thursday, followed by a draft. Practice will begin soon and games will start in April.

I'm shocked that it's March already and my mind wanders towards thoughts of Spring Break and warm (hot!) weather. This girl has acclimated - I may be wearing linen pants, flats and a scarf, so I shouldn't complain about being cold, but too bad. I'm brrrrrrr!

Life plugs away, as always. Trying to rest in Him. To remain satisfied in Him. To grow in my knowledge of Him. To love Him more. As Kelly says, It's Not About Me... It's About Him!!