Friday, June 01, 2007

Creation Museum

Post edited June 2nd, 12:46 pm - I decided to edit this post to express my thoughts a bit more clearly. More for my own understanding than anything!

Perhaps this is not news to you, but this Memorial Day was the grand opening of the
Creation Museum. I wasn't aware that this was even in the works, but Petersburg, KY has opened a 27-million dollar museum depicting history from a biblical view. The exhibits in the 60,000 square foot museum were designed by a famed Universal Studios designer. It depicts many biblical scenes and includes the fall of man in Genesis, Noah and the flood, Moses and Paul, but also features more "recent" figures such as Martin Luther. After reading several articles, it's clear that the most controversial feature, however, is that of dinosaurs and people co-existing.

I am not a deep thinker. Analytical is one word that will never describe me. Science is not my game. I have sat in on, listened to and read several debates on creation vs evolution. While I undeniably believe that God created the heavens & the earth as outlined in scripture, I don't like to dwell much on this topic. I am perfectly satisfied knowing that my God created this universe and everything in it. The details are best left to others to contemplate. This is a battle that some have chosen to fight and that is good. I hope I don't seem careless, it's just that I choose to pick up my sword on other issues, ones I know more about.

I do think it's cool that there is a state-of-the-art, high-quality museum that features biblical truths. A place one can go to see the history we know to be true reenacted. But for some reason that I can't define, it gives me a sense of unease. Not that what they're saying isn't necessarily true, but that we might claim to know what miraculous wonders God chooses to perform rubs me the wrong way. None of us witnessed creation in all it's splendor. I do realize there are a lot of scientists, Christian and secular alike, which much "definitive proof". But no matter what we think we can prove, we must remember that God can do whatever he wants.

I clearly remember driving through Colorado over a decade ago, on the way home from a ski trip in Breckenridge. Gazing out the window I spied some truly unique rock formations. I'd never seen anything like them. I instantly assumed it was man-altered. I found myself thinking, "That is not found naturally... Wait. God can create and alter as he wishes." It was kind of like "Oh, that's right. God really is that powerful." Humbling.

We like God to fit in a box, that we might be able to define Him. That's what bothers me. God is creative. He is beyond our realm of understanding. If He created everything in a way we could define and understand and replicate, the need for faith would be diminished. We can try, but the closer we think we get, the less we truly know.

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