Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Photos - Phase I

So much to say, to share... But since this is my first day back in the office after vacation I have much to catch up on. Until then, I've uploaded some pics for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!

34 Spankings for 34 Years

Oh, the pleasure Claire & Nolan derived from this...

Vacay Love

Daisy Girl

Monday, July 07, 2008

So Much...

So much to say, where do I begin?? Lots to share, so I'll go back a little. (I had hoped to have photos to go along with my stories, but camera isn't cooperating right now.)

I mentioned in an earlier post that Claire made the All-Star team for 6-year old girls. Her regular season team took 1st place and went undefeated for the season. After lots and lots of practice (they practiced a lot, did I mention that?) the All-Star won their first game, 27-24. After 2 nights off, they lost a tough game to a killer team (did I really just say that about 6 year old girls?). They lost again the next night, but took 3rd place and won the tournament Sportsmanship Award. The team played great, and although Claire was sad when they finally lost ("I just love to play, mom!") it was a fun experience. Kelly served as an official coach for the Pink Tigers (their non-official name) and said he was more nervous than he had ever been for a game before.

Claire also turned 7 on June 29th! We celebrated with a party at the movie theatre where we had cake and watched Wall-E with 8 friends. Hannah Montana and American Girl were among the favorite gifts, not to mention purses, movies and even a digital camera from Gramma.

Claire is a wonderful girl - so loving & giving, funny, smart and beautiful. I'm a bit biased, but I'd say she's turning out pretty well. I'm so proud of her!! She's a great friend to me, too.

We enjoyed a fabulous, long holiday weekend for the 4th. Friends joined us dinner and we took in spectacular fireworks here in Natchitoches. Nolan thought they were "sweet!" and Claire said that the 4th of July in Louisiana was "the best!".

And then there's Saturday. What happened Saturday, you ask? Daisy happened.

The Spann family officially increased by one when we adopted Daisy, a beagle-terrier mix. She's 6 months old, sweet and has lots of energy. She's definitely still a puppy, and we have the joy of training her. I was the one to push the dog issue. I wasn't up for a puppy, I wanted an older dog, but when I saw Daisy, I just knew. She's a great addition, especially since...

I'm home alone for almost 2 weeks!!

Kelly, Claire & Nolan left yesterday afternoon for New Orleans. Kelly is coaching at a baseball camp at Tulane University and the kids went along as campers. They'll stay the week until they leave on Friday to visit Kelly's family in the Florida panhandle. It's about halfway to New Orleans, so Kelly figured they'd keep going east a bit and make it a vacation. I miss them terribly, but didn't join them because I'm taking my own vacation shortly after they return.

My mom, sister & I are taking a "mom vacay" to Orlando, where we'll cruise to the Bahamas. I am so excited!! And I don't feel even a bit guilty (yet!). I've never been alone for that long (not ever!). I'm definitely an extrovert and get energized by being with people... but Daisy is doing a good job at keeping me company.

Okay, so it's back to work. I'm determined to get my camera up and running to share photos of the many exciting events happening around here lately. Until then - Adios!!