Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I know I haven't been around lately. It's not that I don't want to blog. Really, I do! I want to entertain you with my witty comments and funny stories. ha. But even now as I type, my eyelids are drooping and my mind is, well, let's just say I'm a little slower than usual. School is winding down, but the work level is at an all-time high. Lots of really great, fun stuff. But stuff that keeps me very busy, nonetheless. My at-home computer time has decreased (although Kelly probably wouldn't agree. No really, I don't check ALL my favorite sites everyday any more!).

You, my faithful reader, however have not been so scarce. In fact, I just noticed today that my total visits have reached 5,213! (This doesn't include the entire first year of blogging, when I accidentally reset my counter. Oops.) Thank you for being a friend or family member that is actually interested in the mundane details of our lives!

And since that seems to be my specialty these days (the mundane, boring stuff), why change things up now? Truly, I had originally logged on to write a very thought-provoking post, but we'll just wait until next time for the good stuff, 'kay?

Here's a few photos of what we've been up to...

Claire ran (and finished second) in a 5K race last Saturday. I am so proud of this girl! She's all business when it comes to competition. She did say "Mom, it would have been okay if I didn't place in the top 2, because I would have done something new, and that is fun." Easy to say when you DO win...

This is pre-race. I'm pretty sure she's thinking "okay, mom, enough pictures".

Let's not forget softball. It's the Never-Ending Story. (We have to watch that movie this summer!) But really, her travel team plays all. year. long. The photo below is of a great Dixie Youth live-arm outing she had last week. (The second team she plays for. I know. Psycho.) Check out that bird wing! She's one determined double-jointed gal!

And a new hobby for the Spann Fam? Guitar Hero, of course! The kids and I made the rounds on a few garage sales recently and home with a brand-new set. We've had a blast though I would have never imagined for one second that I would hear my soon-to-be 7 year old sing "Livin' On A Prayer" in the shower!

He rocks on the drums, too!
(Can you believe he's going to be 7 on Sunday?
We have a major swimming party planned for next weekend. Oh yeah...)

A gal's gotta bust out the wardrobe, of course

And let's not forget the hard-core rocker dad in his FCA t-shirt.

Next time I'll address my thoughts on world-views, parenting and Christianity in general, but for now, I'll hum Bon Jovi as I lay my head on the pillow and get some much-needed rest. Night!

Monday, May 03, 2010

deep thoughts

- i think i should go to bed. maybe in a few minutes.
- i think i'm going to repaint the study next month. 'chocolate pudding' is too dark. something lighter. with fat horizontal stripes perhaps.
- i'm considering highlighting or coloring my hair. i haven't done that in forever. of course, i haven't found grey hairs before either.
- i'm trying to decide weather to cut my hair or grow it out. it's in a weird in-between stage right now. not cute. of course it doesn't help that i cut it myself.
- i think i'm going to sign claire up for girl scouts. she's a pretty busy girl, but most of her activities are athletic. i'd have to go easy on the cookies, though.
- i am feeling thankful for my job. i love it. i'll really love it on may 26 when the kids have their last day of school. i'll love it even more on june 11 when i have 8 weeks off!
- i am honored that i was chosen as the outstanding support employee for our school. i was shocked when i found out that i had been selected as the winner for the district. they must have pulled my name out of a hat. or maybe i'm good at my job.
- i love having a swimming pool. it's a lot of work. and a bit of an expense. but seeing the joy on the kids' face makes it worthwhile. oh, and jumping in after working in the yard isn't so bad either.
- i'm getting a little burnt out on softball and baseball. kelly's season is done but the kids are wearing me out. 3 teams between 2 kids is a little much.
-oh, and nolan was invited to play on a travel team this summer. "just one tournament." that's what they all say.
- i can't believe claire is going away to camp for 5 days in june. am i old enough to have a child that's old enough to go to sleep away camp? no.
- i'm very close to being the mother of a 7-year old and a 9-year old. Odd numbers make them seem older. me too.
- i'm excited about planning our disney christmas. it'll be... you know, magical.

hmmm, not as deep as you were hoping for? sorry to disappoint, this is lady is feeling a bit shallow (and sleepy) today. perhaps next time. 'nite!