Monday, June 11, 2007

Slip Slidin' Away

What a gorgeous weekend we had! It truly feels like summer with 80+ degrees, blue skies and lots of fun. Saturday we saw the last soccer game of the season. Claire's team ended up with a winning record, 4-2. She poured her little body and soul into every game and was a big contributor to her team. She was awarded with a participation medal and can't wait to play again!

Saturday evening we rode our bikes to church and enjoyed another great time. I love teaching Claire's class. On Sunday mornings each service averages 20+ kindergartners in her class, but on Saturday evenings we have around 10-12, with K & 1st combined. The kids are great, probably the most eager and well-behaved group I've ever had the opportunity to teach. And after dinner in the gym, playtime on the playground and a bike ride home, we were wiped out!

Sunday greeted us with more perfect weather! After chores & rewards we headed to a newly constructed park for a picnic. This park was huge! More so vertically than horizontally. And it served to prove that Nolan truly has no fear. He climbed up to the fourth, yes fourth, level (enclosed & very safe) and slid down an impossibly fast slide - over and over. Claire & I were a little more cautious and hung out closer to the ground. Claire was very brave, facing her fear of heights and did try the slide once. That one trip down was enough for the both of us. In the afternoon we cooled off on the Slip n' Slide in the backyard before "rest time".

And now we're officially into the week, which brings us even closer to Mission: Kelly-Kansas City! I realize I mentioned this in my last post, but we are so excited to be leaving on Sunday! This will be a great week with friends and family and we'll truly revel in Father's Day knowing we can give those beloved handmade cards and gifts to Dad in person, rather than having to send them in the mail.

It's another gorgeous day, I'm holding out on turning on the A/C as long as I can, trying to let the fresh air in. I have a feeling the temps are going to rise quickly though and before long we'll be back outside splashing in the hose!

Happy Monday!

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