Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's Officially Summer!

Okay, maybe not "officially" according to mother nature, but it is according to the school calendar! Claire celebrated her last day of school as a kindergartner. It went by so fast, it's truly unbelievable! I asked her if she was sad to no longer be in Kindergarten, which she answered with a hearty "No! I can't wait for First Grade!". I'm telling ya, this girl was made for school.

Just this week I received a large envelope from my stepfather who lives in California. He sent a pile of papers reflecting my time in early elementary school. Report cards from 1st and 2nd grade, old newspaper clippings and a photo, a program from a church play, school reports and an old school journal. Hmm, seems I had "trouble finishing homework" going back as far as the 2nd grade and I was "pokey" according to Ms. Chambers, my 1st grade teacher. Claire was so excited to look through the pile and was particularly fascinated with my journal. She loves seeing my handwriting, looking and my pictures and reading my words from that time. It's been a treat for both of us.

But enough of school for now! We can now fully take advantage of our summer vacation... with yet another 'sleepover' tonight! (And I really need to get creative now!) Hope you're enjoying your summer vacation, too!

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