Sunday, October 31, 2010


I woke up sore this morning. But it's a good sore, you know... a "I ran a 5K yesterday and am pretty dern proud of myself" kind of sore. That's right, I actually participated in an event where I had to pay to run 3.1 miles along with a bunch of other people. Claire (being a veteran with 5 races under her belt, 3 of them 5Ks) and I ran together. She beat me, of course, but only by a little because she was sickly. What a trooper!

Did I love it and want to do it again? Kind of. It was a very weird feeling. Watch out Running World... here I come!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

backyard photo shoot

We dressed up this past weekend to attend a local church's "Trunk or Treat". Claire dressed as a French Artist and Nolan made his daddy proud as a Texas Ranger. We couldn't go before having a little backyard photo shoot, of course...

Friday, October 22, 2010


The Texas Rangers are going to the World Series and the Natchitoches Central Chiefs are going to the Playoffs! It was a very good night for the Spann Fam!!

*In case you're not in the know - The Rangers have never been to the WS, although Kelly has been a diehard fan his entire life. All four of us are fans of the Rangers and Josh Hamilton. The NCHS Chiefs won one game last year. They've come a long way, baby!

a decision

This evening the kids and I made a quick trip to the grocery store. While I was handing bags to the kids to carry in, a man approached me in the driveway. He pointed to my disheveled yard, which my kind neighbor had just mowed (since he couldn't stand looking at any longer, I'm certain!). He mentioned that it was a mess. Of that, I was quite aware. It was on my "list". I had pulled out some sad looking shrubs but had left gaping holes and quite an eyesore. The tree was overgrown and the weeds were taking over the space. He mentioned that he was "dirt cheap" and would I want him to take of it? He was polite, very dirty and quite desperate.

I glanced to the street to see small grey pickup truck with a busted tail light, a woman and child in the cab and a lawn mower in the back. I asked him for a business card with the intention of talking to Kelly and having him return later in the weekend, as I really did need the yard work done.

He fumbled around in a notebook and said that he would like to complete the work now. I sent the kids inside as his wife and child joined his side and I listened to him tell me what he would do for "almost nothing". The wife had wanted cash, I'm certain their needs were immediate, and not altogether legal. It wasn't hard to determine that this couple had little resources, but had an expensive habit.

I made a split second decision and said  - Yes.

As soon as I went inside, I questioned the wisdom of my choice. I told the woman I would give her a check when the work was complete. My stomach began to ache. Had I made the right decision? Kelly was not home, but it was broad daylight and several neighbors were out and about. I locked my doors as I watched the little boy, about 6 years old, play on the grass until his mother called him over to help. Inside, I prayed, tried to call Kelly, a friend and my sister. No one answered their phone.

They finished very quickly, much faster than I had anticipated. I handed over a blank check. $65 dollars for 17 minutes of work. The Camilla bushes were shaped, the weeds were hacked down, the tree was trimmed. They hauled the clippings and while it didn't look fantastic, it certainly looked better than it did 17 minutes before.

They drove away and I realized I was holding my breath. Is it possible to hold your breath for 17 minutes? I asked myself if I had just done something incredibly stupid. Kelly wasn't home, was it wise to allow them to work in my yard? Was I just a sucker, paying way too much for 17 minutes with an electric trimmer? Was I just being ridiculous?

After a few hours to gain perspective, I have determined that this family needed $65 more than I did, even if it is a week until payday and it wasn't a money tree that the gentleman had trimmed. I can pray that they will use the money to buy a meal, provide for their child or pay a bill. I can pray that Jesus will touch their lives, in some way, any way.

I can rest in my split second decision (which still has me a little nervous) that perhaps not all good deeds go unpunished.

'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' Matthew 25:40

Sunday, October 17, 2010

a quick trip to the big o

About a month ago, one of my roommates from college called to say that she was engaged, and that she was getting married. In 4 weeks!

We hadn't spoken for quite a while, but there are 5 of us who used to get together a couple of times of year - with & without kids and husbands. All with the exception of Michele. She was the only single gal in the group. I started the trend 13 (!) years ago and my fellow friends followed suit along the years. We all had babies (some more than others), again with the exception of Michele.

I knew her prince would come along one day, we just weren't quite sure when. Well, he showed up and I knew that I couldn't miss the big day. Especially since all 5 of us would be there! I made a call, got an inexpensive, stand-by {but first class!} flight and make a quick, wonderful trip to Omaha, Nebraska!

It was so fantastic to see the girls again, it had been way too long. That's what happens when your family defects from the midwest to the south, I guess... which is what made this trip really special. Hmm... now if I can talk my family into a trip to Nebraska. We'll see about that one.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

just thought i'd share

I'm sitting outside, feet up, comfortable in jeans and bare feet. Music is playing in the background, I watch the occasional leaf fall in the pool and listed to the tap tap tap of the laptop keyboard under my finger tips.

Claire is out front, riding her new bike, wind in her hair, trying to figure out the gears on the mountain bike. While she may not be riding up mountains, our street is a bit rocky, so it was a smart purchase, or so she informed me this morning.

Kelly is using his handy-man card, replacing the screens in our windows so we can enjoy the autumn breezes without the bugs and Nolan is lounging on the couch, tasting candy corn & reading (or playing nintendo, but reading sounds better).

Daisy is making her rounds, checking in on each of us as we relax on this lovely Saturday evening.

Good times.