Monday, January 28, 2008


Another Monday. Another weekend gone. As I think about this past week, I realize just how much happens in the span of 7 days. But while our household stays busy and we keep our routine, life just trucks on...

We loved having an extra day off on Monday, which was spent deep cleaning (me), playing (kids), coaching (Kelly). In addition to 4-on-1 practices, Kelly began a new baseball camp on Monday evenings. Kelly & I enjoyed a pseudo-date on Wednesday while the kids were at TeamKID at church. Okay, it was sundaes at McDonald's, but we were alone! The rest of the week brought basketball practice, our regular Friday family movie night (this week was Flicka), Claire's Saturday morning basketball game, an NSU basketball game, church, lunch at a great Mexican restaurant, an afternoon at the park and a bit of shopping.

Our life isn't that exciting, but I love it. I sometimes keep tabs with friends I went to high school with (gotta love the internet)... clothing designers, magazine editors, actors, producers, living a vastly different life in the regions of Los Angeles and New York. In comparison, my life is very simple, very boring. But I wouldn't trade it.

I laugh hysterically at my children, because they are truly funny! I enjoy my wonderful husband who knows me better than I know myself. I'm not just happy, I'm truly joyful. I'm feeling more & more connected to my savior, basking in the peace that only He can provide. What's not to love??

If you're feeling the weight of what a Monday can bring, I hope that you can take the time to find the small joys in your life. Once you do, you'll find the small ones aren't so small... they're the ones that really make a difference in how you view your day. To Another Week!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

2 Weeks?!

Has it really been that long since I've blogged?? Not a lot to say, I guess, just finding our groove. My return to the full-time work force has meant change for all of us. We get up, get ready, head out, return home, eat dinner, go to bed and do it all over again the next day. Okay, so there's a little more to it than that. Kelly has been amazing through the transition. He's actually the one who feeds the kids breakfast and makes their lunches while I'm getting ready in the morning. He's been picking them up from school everyday at 2:50, doling out snacks, checking homework and preparing dinner for when I return home around 4:45. Like I said - Amazing. What in the world would I do without him? I'd die... that's what.

As time passes our routine will smooth out, and we'll adjust for baseball season. The kids will spend some time in after school care and weekends have become a family priority. We're very thankful for a 3-day weekend and look forward to a couple more next month (I'm off for Mardi Gras, only in Louisiana, and the kids are off for President's Day.)

We spent the afternoon in Shreveport yesterday, as a trip to Target was necessary. I felt like I was coming "home" as I walked in the doors. Aside from the prices (groceries are more expensive here - weird, I know) everything is the same. We've made a move that is chock-full of differences (NOTHING is the same), so it's nice to be somewhere that feels "normal". I even had to convince Claire that we'd never been to that particular Target before, like I said, they're pretty much the same inside, right down to the ICEEs.

Claire lost her 4th tooth on Thursday, making her look very much like a 1st grader. Check out her envelope for the Tooth Fairy below. For some reason, we decorated an envelope to put her tooth in when she lost her first tooth, and the tradition has stuck. She lost it in the evening and Kelly & I realized that we didn't have any cash at bedtime. I tried to scrounge up some change and came up with only nickels & pennies. I told her that the Tooth Fairy only has change during the week, but if she waited until the next day, she'd have dollar bills. Claire thought long and hard and decided she didn't want to wait. Luckily, Kelly remembered that he had cash in his car, so we were all right. I could imagine her going to school on Friday and her friends asking if the Tooth Fairy came, but Claire telling them that she only has change on weekdays!! Oh, the things parents say (and do!).

I have a race with the kids every morning to see who will get dressed first: the 2 of them, or me. When I wake them up I've already showered and have my robe on. Before I started this, we had a hard time getting them out of bed at 6:40 everyday. Now all I have to do is open their curtains, turn some music on say... "Gee, I wonder who will win today". They spring out of bed and scramble to put their uniforms on. It's amazing. I think it's the greatest parenting tactic I've ever come up with. Even better than the 'Stop Crying Medicine' (strawberry fruit snacks). They are very serious about winning, and every day I make a bid deal about how fast they are and "maybe I'll win tomorrow". Claire encourages me and whispers to Nolan saying, "Maybe we should let Mom win tomorrow, so she doesn't get sad". Nolan doesn't like that idea. But it gets us going in the morning with a smiles on our faces...

So there's a small glimpse at what happens inside the walls of the Spann home. More than you bargained for, I bet. My plan is to blog every weekend, as the days turing into weeks far too quickly! So until then (or sooner, if something really exciting happens, but I doubt it)!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


A few photos of Northwestern State University, our home away from home:

Working Girl

I'm no Melanie Griffith, but I am working! I started on Wednesday - It's good. There has been a lot of restructuring in the dept, from the VP all the way down, so there are a few of us who are new and not exactly certain what's going on. Most of my co-workers were out through the week, making my job... well, boring. I didn't have much to do (since I didn't know WHAT to do), but I've been assured (and reassured by many) that my position is extremely busy and I won't complain of boredom ever again. Okay by me, I'd rather have too much to do than not enough. My first few days were good, though, and I see myself enjoying myself in this new position.

Claire & Nolan return to school tomorrow - thankfully! We've had a very restful & relaxing vacation, but we're ready for a schedule again. Claire begins basketball practice this week and we're thinking of starting the kids in a Wednesday evening program at church. Back to life, back to reality...

So, the weather - It was actually pretty cold this week. The high was 42 on Wednesday and windy. Chilly. It slowly warmed up and it was 78 today! With sunshine and humidity. We actually have the a/c on right now. Our life in Louisiana is still very surreal to me. Claire & Nolan were playing outside this afternoon and came in for a water break. Their cheeks were red and their brows were sweaty... And it's January!!

The warm weather does help us to think ahead to the upcoming baseball season. Every year, just after the holidays, I work on our spring calendar. If nothing else, the past 8 years in college athletics has taught me what to expect (and not expect) as a coach's wife. Keeping an organized calendar is a priority, as is staying flexible. This year's schedule looks a bit different than most, as games begin in February. We're used to waiting until April, and even then the ground is frozen. I'm looking forward to this season: Kelly is in a low-pressure position, we'll have gorgeous weather, many of their games are at home and we'll have the opportunity to travel and stay with Kelly for a few weekends. Good stuff.

So, not much else is new. Yet, so much still is! (Do I make any sense at all?!) In this New Year, I anticipate many exciting things for all of us - Not just our family, but yours too! Happy 2008! Make it great! (I know, I know...I'm lame).