Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rain Out

The Kansas City Grays were scheduled to play their first game yesterday in Ozark, MO, but it was rained out. They'll enjoy a triple-header today, weather permitting. Tuesday is their home opener, you can even listen online!

Kelly has had every intention to blog, but since he's pretty busy I'll fill you in a bit... Training camp is over, everyone has moved into their host homes. Kelly is living alone in missionary housing very near to their home field at William Jewel College in Kearney, MO, just north of KC. (Which is great because we can stay with him when we visit!) Kelly loves his coaching staff, he has 2 assistants who are very talented and very knowledgeable. They haven't even coached their first game yet, but Kelly says they gel together very well. The team has had opportunity for Bible studies, guest speakers and attended church at the International House of Prayer. Kelly has been very encouraged and is truly embarking on a great summer of baseball. We miss him dearly. Nolan even asked if he had died! He went from thinking he was at the airport (permanently), to being in heaven and now he understands he's in Kansas City and that we'll see him in 3 weeks!

I'm certain Kelly will post when he can, he has limited internet access... looking for a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi on his day off. His posts will be far more technical, I'm sure and will reveal the many wonders of the game of baseball!

Play Ball!

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