Friday, June 08, 2007

Early Departure

I am beside myself.

We are leaving for Kansas City in just 8 days. This is 8 days sooner than originally planned! After talking, looking over schedules & calendars and clearing a few things, we've decided to leave early. One of our main concerns for the summer was that Kelly would be in a host home while we stayed at my sister's home. I love my sis (she and her family were just here - it's always great to see them!) but living as a houseguest for several weeks was not my idea of fun. And she lives over an hour from Kearny, where Kelly is staying. Now that Kelly is living alone in a house, it provides the perfect opportunity for us to stay longer. I am so excited... downright giddy!

My mom flies in on Wednesday and will visit until Saturday. We'll leave Sunday morning and arrive in KC on Father's Day! The following day, Monday, is Kelly's day off and happens to be my birthday. At least I'll turn 30 with my whole family together in one place! We'll be there for just over 3 weeks, returning the 2nd week in July.

Again... Giddy!

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