Saturday, May 24, 2008

Moving Day

Okay, I have to make this quick... We are moving today and there is much to do, but I wanted to sneak in one little post since I don't know when the computer will get unpacked! Many events have transpired since my last post: birthday parties, Conference Tournament, a trip to Texas, end-of-the-year programs and the last day of school, just to mention a few.

Nolan is officially 5 years old! We had a party last weekend which was a bit of a bummer. That's what happens when no one shows. (Sigh) Nolan was fine, as he still received awesome toys including Speed Racer & Transformers. I was more upset than he was. A party to remember, I guess!

We left on Wednesday evening for the Southland Conference Tournament in Huntsville, Texas. Unfortunately, the Demons were eliminated in 2 games, and we left just after Thursday's afternoon game. The trip was shorter than expected, but we came home and decided to move. It was the plan to tackle that little task this week, but we figured it would be nice to do it during the holiday weekend, while some of the players were still around. Nothing like free help. Free, that is, if you don't count the food!

The kids are done with school for the year and Kelly is a stay-at-home dad for the summer. They'll attend baseball camps with Kelly, as well as VBS and all the other traditional summer activities. Claire & Nolan both had programs, and I was so proud as I listened to Nolan & his class recite the entire 23rd Psalm. We are thankful for the school they attended this year but look forward to the new school they'll attend here in Natchitoches.

Okay, I really have to go... Won't be long until I check back in, but until then, have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2008


On those rare occasions when I sit down just to think, I often find myself asking... "Seriously? Do we really live in Louisiana? When did that happen?"

Then, when I continue to ponder just how we got here, I consider how interesting the journey is. If you've read much of this little blog over the past 2 years, you know that life with the Spanns is anything but boring. But if you'd have asked me 3 years ago where I'd be today, my answer would have probably been "right here in Minnesota, living in the home we'd built (with a completely finished basement!), enjoying winter at it's best (and worst), summers on the lake, kids growing up as our midwestern roots continue to deepen" (or something even more witty & profound).

Obviously, that was not part of the plan. But if I go back even further... if you would have asked me the same question 10 years ago, I would have never imagined that we would have ever returned to Minnesota after leaving nearly 11 years ago! But we did, and our journey continues.

I sincerely don't believe that this is a last, or lasting, stop for us. But who knows? Certainly not us. Soon I will be sending out our new address. This will be our fifth address in the last 2 years. I'm certain that by now you've learned to use pencil! I find myself saying - okay, muttering - "this is not what I signed up for". But what did I sign up for? An amazing marriage? Healthy-beautiful-hilarious kids? Wonderful friends? The love of my savior... even when I look upwards and ask, "Seriously?!". Yeah, I guess I did get what I asked for. Seriously.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom's Day

Here are a couple of pics from the Mother-Daughter Tea Claire & I attended a few weeks ago. We really did have a ton on fun. At first I thought I'd seem random to post them, but since it's Mother's Day tomorrow, I think it's totally appropriate.

This year Mother's Day will consist of church with the kids, baseball in the afternoon and dinner out. Kelly was trying to surprise me with dinner reservations, but I was being a brat and teasing him about not taking me to lunch since they have a game. I'm looking forward to it!

Believe it or not, Demon baseball will be over before you know it! This weekend is the last home series of the season. The kids continue to play until mid-June, but things are slowing down considerably. We're now thinking about birthday parties and summer celebrations.
Okay, have to run - kids are calling, as always. Here's to motherhood!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Zoo Crazy!

There are some days I feel as though I live in a zoo. Kelly left Thursday for a weekend series in Texas and now that it's Sunday much of my energy is depleted. Instead of going crazy at home, however, the kids & I made our way another zoo. This one actually had animals! Saturday we visited the Alexandria Zoo, about an hour south of Natchitoches.

It was a special event day where we explored "The Wild Side of the Arts". The kids made crafts, necklaces & bracelets, tote bags and flags. We listened to pirate music, ate ice cream and rode the Bayou Zoo Train. We got frog tattoos and Claire & Nolan were transformed (see below). It was a zoo-licious day!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Checking In...

Okay, so I haven't blogged for awhile. This is due to the fact that I really don't have much to report. We're still leaving and breathing baseball. Claire's team (they're sponsored by a local bank, but they've dubbed themselves the Supergirls) is undefeated & in first place. Claire is having a blast and they're really good! You wouldn't think that winning is that big of a deal at this age, but of course it is. Especially when there's an All-Star game and a postseason! Nolan is doing great as well, in spite of the drama that ensued with some of his coaches. Apparently, one of the dads didn't think we were being competitive enough and needed to have practices in addition to the 2 games they play each week. Most of the parents, including us, didn't agree. All this in a "Wee-Tee" league where you don't keep score and everyone wins.

Kelly's Demons are still going strong, tied for 1st place in their division. Looks like we'll be headed to Texas near the end of May for the Conference tournament. Actually, we'll celebrate Nolan's 5th birthday while we're there. He'll be thrilled: spending his bday with 30 college baseball players who wrestle and play with him. Throw in a few Transformers and it'll be a perfect day.

Claire & I attended a Mother-Daughter tea party last Saturday at a Victorian tea room. It's a beautiful home filled with antiques and treasures. The best part was the "dress-up room". It's filled with dresses, purses, hats and jewelry and the girls got to dive in. We truly enjoyed it. I'll post some pics soon.

Work is good, life is busy. Things will begin to wind down after this month. NSU finals begin tomorrow and my workload will lighten as the students head out. Claire & Nolan are done with school May 21st and NSU baseball concludes shortly after. We're moving out of our town home after the conference tournament, the last week of May. We've found a great little house in the middle of a large wooded lot. It's secluded and shaded (we'll love that come July!). The kids have acres & acres to run and play and we'll actually have room to, well, live! We're all very excited.

So that's an update. It's Spring, and it feels like it! Hope you're feeling Spring too! Until later...