Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sports Sports Sports

It was a rather busy weekend for the Athletic Director at Crossroads College. As I've mentioned before, Kelly IS the entire athletic department. He does have one work-study student help him out a few hours each week, but the budget is very tight and Kelly actually had to "let go" a second student he had hired due to budget restraints.

Friday night consisted of a volleyball tri-match (3 matches in one evening) and a soccer match. Saturday was Parent's Day, which saw another volleyball tri-match and a second soccer match as well as a presentation by Kelly to the parents in the morning and a picnic in the afternoon. The difficult part was that the sporting events were taking place at the same time in different locations, about 15 minutes away. The same line judges worked both games, so it was a little tricky, but Kelly pulled it off. He had rave reviews for his "speech", filled with humor and sincerity, of course, and earned bonus points for acknowledging the parents with flowers, photos & thanks at each of the games (something which hadn't been done before).

Today brings 2 more home sporting events, we haven't seen all that many this year. Soccer and volleyball both play Pillsbury, to which Crossroads is pretty evenly matched. Men's soccer has previously tied with the Comets and volleyball lost in 5 close games when they last met. Hopefully the Knights can pull it off.

All this means I'm put to work too! My duty is to create the Game Day sheets for each game (a stat sheet - with rosters, school info, etc). Kelly considered listing me under my maiden name as the SID - just to make it look like Crossroads has an athletic staff - but we decided against it!

On another (sporting) note: Kelly is going to the Twins playoff game tomorrow with a friend and former assistant coach, John Cerney. This he needs to do. We're so grateful to be making friends - and to have Jeff & Ang Morgan as "built-ins" (easy, wonderful friends we can relax and have a great time with!) but Kelly is still lacking relationships in his day-to-day life. And he doesn't get out much - living & working on campus can take it's toll.
Let's hope the Twins call pull off a victory, too!

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