Tuesday, October 31, 2006

(Practically) November

We did it. We went out on a date. After buying pizza for the kids, our dinner out, the movie (& required snacks) and paying the babysitter, we remembered why we don't go out often! Boy, it adds up, but was worth it. We saw The Prestige, which was dark, but thought it was pretty good.

Today is Halloween, which our family doesn't celebrate. We don't ban our kids from all things Halloween, that's pretty much impossible. Claire had her "fall party" at school, but truly it was a Halloween party, complete with spider hats, bat-shaped cookies and pumpkin face painting. Claire understands that we don't celebrate it, and basically we've told her that some people make Halloween very scary and God doesn't give us a spirit of fear. We definitely don't want to be a 'We don't celebrate Halloween - it's evil and you are too' kind of family (which we totally don't agree with). If you're wondering why we don't celebrate, here's a link to an article that I found which is a pretty good explanation.

One thing we will celebrate today is my mom's birthday, she's flying in and staying a few days with us. We're all looking forward to her visit, especially the kids, as we haven't seen her in nearly a year! It makes me sad that so much time goes by between visits, but we're grateful to see her today. Happy Birthday Mom!

So we still have no news on our house. We've accepted the very real fact that it may not sell until next year. Now that it's (practically) November and the holidays are nearing, our chances of getting an offer are rapidly declining. This fact makes us so grateful for having housing in Rochester provided to us. Were we having to pay rent in addition to our mortgage, it would be impossible. God is good.

And I'm sad to report that we've lost a loved one... Stars the fish has "passed on" (to the toilet bowl). Stars belonged to Nolan and he took it very well, actually, he didn't really care. Claire sobbed huge tears as she cried "I'll miss him!". We're blessed that this is the only tragedy our kids have had to face. Stars was quickly replaced, by a goldfish named Stink. Ah kids, ya gotta love 'em!

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