Monday, October 16, 2006

Tropical Delusions

It's a rainy Monday. A perfect day to daydream of a tropical vacation. Warm sand, blue ocean, fruity drinks, the smell of suntan lotion and days spent lounging in the sun. Sigh...

It's MEA weekend coming up, which means no school Thurs and Friday. We do have a trip planned, but it's not quite as described above. The Spann Fam is headed to the station - the railroad station. We're taking the Amtrak Empire Builder #8 to La Crosse, Wisconsin for an overnight trip. We'll stay at a hotel with a small tropical-themed waterpark (Kelly & I can pretend we're somewhere exotic). We plan to hit a children's museum and possibly take in a movie. The kids (especially Nolan, who is our own little engineer) are very excited. We're looking forward to a great weekend.

Since I won't be burying my feet in the sand today, maybe I'll bury my nose in a good book - while sipping something warm and steamy... sounds almost as good!

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