Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why I Love Wednesdays

Wednesdays are great days. To some, they're "blah" days - the middle of the week, busy, and not close enough to the weekends. I used to work every Wednesday evening. I had 2 Wednesdays off in 2 years (really). But now...

I LOVE WEDNESDAYS. It's Awana night! I love that the kids are going to church, memorizing Bible verses and learning truths about Jesus. They're running around, making friends, being loud and eating cookies. They wear their vests, earn patches and are part of a team. Everything kids should do. And Kelly & I get date night! We have an hour and a half of uninterrupted shopping, talking, sitting, teasing, laughing, playing, out-and-about time. Tonight, however, Kelly had a football game in Mankato so I had a date with myself, which was also very nice (though I did miss my guy). I forgot what a treat it was to sit alone in a restaurant and read a book.

I love my children. They are really good kids. They are funny and smart and challenging. And I realize that I only have 2... I often think of friends who have much larger families, or infant twins (and a toddler!), and am fully aware that I have it pretty easy. And I have a wonderful husband who is a full partner in parenting and in our household. Yes, I have it better than easy. But, to have a break from the "MOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOMOM" which resonates in our home, Yogos in the nose (a yogo is a small round yogurt covered
fruit snack and the nose was Nolan's), the dishes, the driving and the countless other things that come with parenthood, I'm grateful for a bit of me time.

And another reason I favor Wednesdays is Project Runway. Tonight was the finale. It's been my guilty (very guilty, really) pleasure, thanks to Bravo - courtesy of Crossroads College! Who would have thought! For any other watchers out there... what do you think of Jeffrey as the winner??

May we all see the beauty and opportunity in every day!
Here's to Wednesday!

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