Wednesday, October 11, 2006

La La How The Life Goes On

Last night we attended a Crown volleyball game. Seems it would be simple to understand, but not so much for our family. After speaking to April Fisk (and buying 3 pounds of cookie dough from Micah!) we decided to drive an hour over to Owatonna, Minn. to watch the Storm take on the Pillsbury Comets. When we told the kids what we had planned, they were ready to cheer on the girls! You see, in the six-or-so weeks we've been in Rochester, we've spent much time reminding the kids that we were now cheering for the Knights, instead of the Storm. Nolan still says CROWN COLLEGE as we drive into Crossroads about 30% of the time.

So at the Crown game, we cheered for them all - the Storm, the Knights, Crown and Crossroads. We're a multi-college loving family! We convinced the rest of the Fisk family to make the trek to Owatonna, and a great time was had by all. The Storm won in 3 games, the kids played with their much-missed friends and feasted on candy (the official snack of college athletic events) and Kelly & I caught up with the Fisks, be it ever so briefly. I was warmly greeted by many of the girls I had in a small group bible study I hosted last season. It was so nice to see familiar faces.

Seeing friends is always bitter-sweet: It's fun, and gives us a deeper appreciation for our friendships, but also makes us realize just how much we miss everyone.

Life continues for us here. The volleyball and soccer seasons are winding down, basketball will begin soon. (Oh the athletic life - we're defined by the seasons!) Kelly is doing an excellent job of reshaping the athletic department here at Crossroads. He's still officiating varsity football on Friday nights and this week should be a doozy (see next paragraph). And sadly, he sorely watched his Cowboys hand Sunday's game to the Eagles... his new hat didn't do any good.

Brrrr... It's cold - flurries and all. We're thinking of hibernating until spring, although Claire is praying for snow to play in. She loves it - she declared that winter was her favorite season. Kelly & Nolan, on the other hand, want nothing of it. Getting a coat on Nolan takes much pursuading (some call it bribing, I call it incentive). I, personally, am desperately trying to hold on to fall. gave this forecast at 8am: 36 degrees. Feels like 20. Yikes.

Any baseball positions open in Miami?

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