Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fred, OJ & Little House

Just another sign that I've been spending too much time on the internet...

Celebrity Face Recognition
While browsing the 'net, I came across, a website where you download a picture of yourself, and using 'Face Detection Technology', they tell you which celebs you resemble (or vice versa). The website says it's "taken the internet by storm" so maybe it's old news, just new to me.

Anyway, apparently, Melissa Gilbert (of Little House on the Prairie) and Mare Winningham (of... other things, but I don't know what) are who I look like most. (I was waiting for Molly Ringwald to come up, because once upon a time many people told me I resembled her, but that was also when I had thinner cheeks and redder hair...)

One of Kelly's top matches was OJ Simpson! I can totally see it! (And think it's absolutely hilarious!)

I ran both Claire & Nolan's photos and Fred Savage came up for both of them.

This is particularly comical because when I was in those ever-so-painfully-akward middle school years, I was given the nickname "Kevin" (Fred Savage's character on the Wonder Years). Yeah, I loved that. I've since shared that memory with friends who think it's funny and even like to bring it up occasionally. Good times.

So, that brings me to you... when you have several minutes to waste and nothing better to do, find your celebrity match! The site also looks like it offers other cool features, too, like creating a family website and genealogy info. FYI: You do have to register, but it's minimal and free.

Have Fun!

ps - do I need a job or what?!

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