Sunday, November 05, 2006

Beautiful Day

We're thankful for another beautiful Sunday afternoon. It's 60 degrees, sunny, no wind and nowhere we have to be. My ideal day.

Yesterday our family attended a movie premiere. No red carpet or anything, but there was a sing-along. You gotta love VeggieTales. Gideon: Tuba Warrior was everything you've come to expect from the Veggie crew. FYI: Did you know that the creators of VeggieTales met while attending Crown College (then called St Paul Bible College) and began their company after they were both "dismissed" for chapel skips?? Something I found out pretty recently, although many people apparently already knew this.

We've begun making holiday plans, none of which we'll spend at home this year. We plan to drive to Kansas City for Thanksgiving, and while my sister and her family will be in Colorado, we'll see Kelly's uncle, aunt and grandmother, along with many other relatives. Our kids have not met most of Kelly's family, so it will prove to be exciting. For Christmas, we will head to Texas to see the remainder of Kelly's family, while stopping in KC again, where my family is spending the holidays. We've been pretty wimpy when it comes to traveling but are taking the plunge this year. Claire and Nolan are very excited - really, we all are.

And this weekend, a group of my college friends will gather in Rochester for a girl's weekend. This particular group usually gets together a few times a year, but with the birth of 4 babies just this year, it's made things a bit difficult. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone!

We enjoyed a fun couple of days with my mom visiting. We put our regular weekly plans on hold (Claire even missed a day of school) and just enjoyed "grandma" time. Short and sweet, but we were grateful for the visit.

We are deeply missing our friends and family, and are looking forward to these upcoming times to reconnect. Our little Spann Family of Four has greatly benefited from this time, however, as our home is wherever we are.

As the holidays approach, let's remember the real reason for the season, and remember to cherish those we share it with.


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