Sunday, April 04, 2010

spring has sprung!

Last weekend was Les Amies' annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Lemee House.
(Last year - man they've grown!)

Ready to hunt

Gosh, I need a tan. And a trainer. And a haircut. Sheesh.

Major stress brought on by the lack of finding the golden egg.

They really do love each other.

To say that we've enjoyed our Spring Break would be a vast understatement. We have had a fantastic time, just being at home. Soon I'll catch you up on all that was accomplished, but for now, I've got one more day to squeeze in on my vacay before going back on Tuesday.

Happy Easter!

Here are Spann Family's top 2 songs to listen to on Easter morning. Enjoy!

Arise, My Love - Newsong

Hope's Song - Veggie Tales Easter Carol

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