Thursday, April 22, 2010

a boy

No, not just a boy. The boy. MY boy.

A lover of Legos.

He is smart (straight As!), witty (oh, the things he comes up with) and has the manners of a true gentleman. (Truly, we receive compliments everywhere we go.)

He is incredibly imaginative. (King Nolan Day)

He brings us joy every single day and I light up each and every time he stops by my desk just to say hi (and let me know he hasn't had a color change!).
Testing for his yellow belt

He is a natural athlete and takes it very seriously. He is a very quick learner (tell him once, and he's got it.) He's very competitive. We'll often find that after we say goodnight, he'll get dressed for the next day so his sister doesn't "beat him" to the kitchen.

And best of all, he loves Jesus. His new hobby is writing praise songs. He's decided that he's ready to be baptized. Is there much more a mother could ask for?? Aside from the 100 goodnight smooches we shared this evening... no, I don't think so.

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Mariann said...

what a beautiful post and what a cool kid!