Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back to School

Spring Break was glorious. But we returned to school and boy is it busy! This week was State Testing, which is high-stakes and a very big deal in Louisiana. A very big deal. 2nd-5th grades prepared, reviewed and tested their little hearts out. Being in the school for the first time, I was amazed at the amount of work that goes into testing week. (We are so fortunate to be at such an amazing school.) Claire wasn't too nervous, and her teachers said she did fantastic. Now we just have to wait for the scores. I'm not a Nervous Nellie or anything, but am eager to see how she did!

Before she put pencil to paper, however, Claire got her softball on. Her travel team won, and won big! The Cane River Crushers took first place in the Battle of the Bats Tournament last Saturday. It was a busy day as I joined the team later in the day, but it was worth the trip. The girls played 6 games in one day, winning 5 of them, including the final championship game. The final 4 games were played back-to-back with no more than 15 minutes between. They played their hearts out, in spite of illness and injury. I am one proud mama!!

Today brings more baseball (for both boys) and I am looking forward to a relaxing evening. We do have several plants that need to get in the ground however, so that just may take the place of all that relaxing I was planning on, but we'll see.

Next week doesn't slow down one bit, and truly, I don't envision much of a break for the Spann Fam until May 26. Am I counting down to the last day of school?? Maybe...

The high school is finishing up their season this month, with only 2 weeks left. It will be strangely different to not attend games in May, but Spring Football starts up, so no one will be bored!

The weather is perfect and I'm inside. I can't wait to get a laptop when I can blog and visit design blogs (my latest obsession) as I lounge by the pool. "Summer days, drifting away..." A girl can dream :).

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