Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I realize that I've reiterated this point over and over... Life is busy! (I know, I know, how many times am I going to repeat myself - I mean, seriously!) Here's a quick rundown of the latest:

- Baseball is great! The Demons have played the majority of games at home and are doing really well. They've won 6 of their 7 games at home, with 4 (!) more home games to be played just this week.

- Kelly is tired, as he's not only coaching full time, each and every day, giving lessons and traveling near & far for games, but he's teaching 4 classes as well. (Some of which are at 8 am when he may have arrived home from a trip at 2 am.) I'm amazed at his, um, fortitude! I've said it a million times... He's amazing.

- Lots of rain lately. I made a comment on just how much to a Louisana native, who was surprised that it didn't rain in the winter in Minnesota. Um... it's called snow. We're not missing the winter weather, although it changes more often than it does in MN! It's weird to have tornado warnings and thunderstorms in the winter, but at least we don't have blizzards (I saw some nasty stuff blowing through MN on the Weather Channel yesterday).

- My job is great. Really! It's a very busy position, but I'm able to leave it all at the door when I head out for the day. A large part of my job is working with students: the 8 students who work in my office and the scores of those I work with each day, and I enjoy them. My student workers are a great group of kids (do I sound old or what!?) and I truly like them as people. As I said, it's very busy and "energy-sapping" as kids of all ages can do that to you, but knowing that I may have a hand in helping them grow up to be real adults is a good feeling. I feel confident in what I do and laugh a lot during the day, which is always good.

- Claire & Nolan continue to thrive at school. Claire is the winner of her class spelling bee each week more often than not, and Nolan is learning to read. Some days I look at their homework and am amazed at what they're learning! We have applied for them to attend the Elementary Laboratory School which is located on the NSU campus next year, we should hear if Nolan makes the draw by next month. If he's in, Claire will likely be accepted as well. We're satisfied with their current school but are looking forward to the great programs the Lab has to offer.

- The kids started t-ball this week. Multiple practices and a mile-long list of "necessary" items are on the schedule. It's a long season, with an opening tourney in early April and the season ending late June. Claire is excited and Nolan is "only kind of excited". We'll see how it goes as baseball is a game that takes patience, and 4 year old boys are not known for having much.

- With all that happens during our weeks, we only have one evening at home (Mondays). The laundry baskets are overflowing and we're exhausted, but we're happy. Speaking of which, I have to get to bed.

Not a lot new, but thought I'd say hi. Happy March!!

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