Thursday, March 13, 2008


I love Daylight Savings time. But not just yet. We're still recovering from the loss of that hour. It's tough enough to get us all up and out the door in the morning (I must admit, Kelly can take most of the credit that it gets done at all), but now that it's still dark at 6:45am things are even more difficult. I did enjoy a beautiful sunrise on my way to work this week, but I'll prefer it when I can enjoy a summer sunset.

Kelly & the Demons made the trek to New Orleans this week, going up against the Tulane Green Wave. They lost the first game, 3-4 in 12 innings. A true heartbreaker. They lost the second game the next day as well, but the first conference series of the season begins tomorrow night. We have high hopes! The kids are loving the games, I'm still waiting for them to get baseballed-out. Not yet, if ever. We've been so fortunate, that they've been at home every weekend thus far, and we'll travel to the games for the next two following weekends. Kelly has posted on his blog (finally!) if you're looking for some inside info.

The kids have 2(!) weeks off for Spring Break starting Monday. Private schools can do whatever they want, I guess. If I wasn't working it'd be great, but I am, so it's a bit tricky to arrange our schedules without me taking 2 weeks vacation (which I haven't even earned yet!). It'll work out, though, as friends have offered to help and Kelly won't have classes for 1 of those weeks.

So, our life is baseball, work, school, tball, church and repeat. So much going on, just not a lot of variety (or anything new). Nolan's team is called the T-Bites (they're sponsored by a local dentist's office) and he's one of the more "experienced" players on his team. No, he's never played on an organized team before, but when he could actually hit the ball off the tee, he showed his stuff. Claire has practice twice a week, and her coach takes it all pretty seriously. Claire is definitely ready to be on a competitive team.

The weather is gorgeous (when it's not raining). It was a glorious 78 degrees and sunny yesterday. Cool for Louisiana, but I love it. Just need to work on my tan. I'm still working off the sunburn I got on the inside of my left ankle and the right side of my head from last weekend's game. Pretty.

8:19 pm and I'm ready for bed. Phew! At least tomorrow is Friday! TGTIF! Thank Goodness Tomorrow Is Friday! Later Ya'll! (No, I don't really say that).

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