Monday, February 25, 2008

Going to Bed

It's way too late and I should be in bed. Sleeping. Instead, I'm here because, well, baseball season has begun, which means Kelly is gone and I don't sleep well when he's not here. I really am tired, but I wait until I'm exhausted beyond the ability to keep my eyes open so I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Weird, I know.

So, as I said, baseball season has begun! Saturday was the season opener with a double header at home, and an afternoon game on Sunday. The Demons took the series 2-1, although the coaching staff would have preferred a sweep. The team left this afternoon via charter bus to Ole Miss, about a 7 hour drive, where they'll play tomorrow and Wednesday.

It always takes a few games for us to get back into the swing of baseball (pun intended!). We spend nearly an entire day outside, every weekend and several weeknights, too, which is great, but everything happens later: lunch, dinner, bedtime, etc. And the availability of candy and junk food is far too rampant. It's my goal to remain as close to our routine as possible, as the kids are both in school and we have early mornings every day. We'll see about that...

Tonight Claire had tryouts for tee ball. Yes, tryouts. The coaches watched & evaluated and will have a draft. Yes, a draft. This is youth sports, southern-style. Claire plays in "Sweetees" & Nolan is in "Weetee" (no tryouts for him - it's "fun only at that age"). Many of Claire's fellow 1st graders are up against a pitching machine in the 7-8 year old group, but she's still 6. She's the tallest on the team, so we'll call it a redshirt year. (All this baseball talk, I know - but it is why we moved here, afterall!)

Life is moving at full-speed here in the Spann Fam. I honestly cannot remember being so busy. Ever. I've resolved not to over-commit, and I'm pleased to say that I really haven't. In fact, I personally haven't committed to anything. School, work and sports are all we do. I do feel like I'm missing out on some things, but I just can't. Keeping up with work and family is enough for now.

Okay, so I'm sounding as tired as I feel, so I'll check back in when I have a bit more energy (and something more exciting to say!). Good night, sleep tight...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Angela-it's Sara! I still am a faithful Spann-fam blog reader and it's great to hear what you guys are up! Just thought I'd let you know that Tammy Hill had a baby boy on Feb 22 (a home birth at that!!) His name is Luke Daniel :) and he was NOT planned!!...Take care!