Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3 Hour Tour

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip... (Literally)

Many of you are already aware of the fact that, while being both exotic & graceful (obviously), I'm a bit of a klutz. I slipped down the stairs last night, which I've done many times before, in all of the homes we've ever lived in. (I once fell down nearly an entire of flight of basement stairs when I was 8 months pregnant with Nolan and carrying 22-month old Claire. That one hurt.) I would blame it on slippery socks, but since it was 85 degrees yesterday, I was barefoot.

Anyway, my ankle hurt when I walked on it or moved it a certain way, but I went to bed hoping it would be better in the morning. My hopes were dashed before 7am. I hobbled around, I even cried (more out of the frustration of it all - I couldn't find my dark wash jeans!). I headed to work, determined to sit at my desk and make it through.

Eventually I had to emerge from my desk and walk a bit. It hurt. A lot. After receiving a good scolding from my co-worker, I decided to get it looked at. At the same time, Kelly had taken the kids to his weightlifting class and was planning for a friend to watch the kids at noon. Well, the flu has decided to make it's way through the baseball coaching staff, with the exception of Kelly, thankfully. Our babysitter was the girlfriend of a sick coach, and not wanting to contaminate the kids, we decided it best that she not come.

By 10:30 this morning, I had called several doctors, none of which were able to see me for at least a week. The ER seemed to be the best bet. I thought I might be able to get an x ray and be home before Kelly had to leave for his second class at 12:30. I was wrong. Thus began the 3 hour tour. It was actually 3 hours, 45 minutes, but the former sounded better.

We had feared that my ankle might be broken, since there was no swelling but a lot of pain, but I eventually learned that I had sprained my Achilles something and something-something else. I have an ace bandage and an air cast, but I declined the crutches. I was fortunate to have a dear friend as my physician, which also helped. The kids, meanwhile, ended up attending another of Kelly's classes and spent some time in his office.

I have just one more day of work, which Claire & Nolan will join me for part of, then I'm off Thursday - Tuesday. I'm SO looking forward to it! Lots of driving and baseball in the forecast, and I'm hoping for a little shopping and even more relaxing (by a pool would be preferable).

So that's my day... How was yours??

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April Fisk said...

You should be a writer. I love reading all of your stories and all that goes on in your family. It is the only way we know what is happening in your world. The Spann Family is often topic of conversation in our house. It's amazing that we are both living such different lives than 6 months ago.