Sunday, March 16, 2008

What A Weekend

What a weekend! Let's begin with Friday... It was hot. 90 degrees hot! Seriously, it felt like summer, although it's technically still winter. After a bout of sickness on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was feeling much better, though beginning to lose my voice. The Demons played a great game against Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and won their first conference game. Claire & Nolan ran non stop with friends and we cheered on our team. We enjoyed a truly spectacular evening.

On Saturday morning, Claire, Nolan & I headed to our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt. Another gorgeous day made for perfect egg-hunting weather while Kelly gave a lesson and prepared for a 2pm game. Our church is a beautiful, historic building downtown, and the egg hunt was on the front lawn. I couldn't help but amaze at the fact that this was our kid's first real egg hunt outside. I don't know if there is snow on the ground in Minnesota, but I know any Easter egg hunts were held inside.

The front steps of First Baptist Church

After our fun at the church (no pics yet, because I forgot my camera but friends took photos) we grabbed lunch and headed to the ballpark. It was hot again, but beautiful. I made sure to wear sunscreen but still managed to find a triangle-shaped sunburn just below my neck. The Demons won again, with a great finish. The summer weather lent itself to salads, fruit and angel food cake and a heavy sleep for all of us.

This brings us to today. Around 9:30 Kelly headed to the park and the kids & I to church. (By now my voice is nearly gone, and Kelly calls me Demi. As in Moore. My voice is a little squeakier and not quite as sexy, so I'm whispering more and just plain talking less, though Kelly might disagree). We enjoyed a great Sunday School hour but headed out before service began. After lunch, a friend came to hang with Nolan & take him to the 1pm game as Claire & I made our social debut in Natchitoches.

Picture the town in Steel Magnolias. Oh wait, it is the town in Steel Magnolias! Honestly, picture a small, southern town, no matter the era, and Natchitoches is what you get. Here remains the idea of high-society and old money. If you're not from here, and particularly, not from the south, you have to experience it to understand.

Anyway, the St. Denis (Deh-nee) Art League holds Spring Court each year, with a Queen, her Court and Heralds, each year. They hold luncheons and teas in their honor, with the events culminating with a Ball. The Queen is a high school senior, the court is comprised of fellow teens and the Heralds are young girls, Claire's age. A friend of Claire's is a Herald, and we were invited to a Dessert Party this afternoon in the girls' honor. It was held on the estate of a (former) plantation, Roselawn. Again, picture a scene from a movie with girls in spring dresses, swinging, laughing and drinking lemonade, and it's like you were there!

Roselawn - Williams' Plantation Home

After the party, we headed out to the ballgame to catch the last few innings. The Demons swept the Islanders, with a 8-0 score for the final game. Again, perfect weather (it cooled down to the 80s) lent itself to an evening of playtime outside and relaxing for the grownups.

I have a short week and we're juggling schedules as the kids are out of school, but it feels like summer is near, and it feels good. I don't think I could ask for a better weekend! Hope yours was just as great...

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