Tuesday, March 25, 2008

College Road Trip

No, not the movie... (If you watch the Disney channel, you know what I mean). I'm talking about our weekend.

Claire, Nolan & I joined the NSU Baseball team on their trip to Hammond, LA to play a 3-game series against Southeastern University. We left on Thursday morning for the 3 1/2 hour drive, following behind the charter bus.

The weather was beautiful, the Demons won 2 of 3 games (with very dramatic endings, I might add) and I got to shop! We had the entire day on Friday, we hit Target, went to lunch and I even got a little bit of "alone" shopping time.

We arrived back in Natchitoches late Saturday evening. We awoke to a beautiful Easter morning. We went to church and then to brunch at The Landing Restaurant. The food was great and we finally rolled ourselves home to a relaxing afternoon. That night after the kids went to bed, some neighbor-friends joined us in watching The Passion of the Christ. We hadn't watched it since it's debut in theatres, and it was just as gut-wrenching as the first viewing. The best part, though, is knowing the ending.

I was thrilled to have yesterday off, too, as the power to my office building was shut down for repairs. An additional paid day off was just what the doctor ordered. I returned to work today feeling like a new woman. And since it's spring break and there are no college students around, I can actually get some work done! I stayed until 2, and spent a nice afternoon with the kids and our friend who babysat the kids for a few hours.

Kelly headed to Baton Rouge this morning for tonight's game against LSU. Tough game, though they're not totally out of it. The Demons are #1 in the conference, which is a great place to be! Gotta love it!

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