Friday, October 19, 2007

Wet Weekend

It's wet. It's been raining for what seems like weeks. I haven't blogged too much about the weather lately. For those of you who have followed the Spann Fam for awhile, you know my obsession on the topic, especially during the months when the temperatures fall.

Well, get ready for a renewed obsession as we head south. The kids and I constantly talk about the fact that it doesn't snow in Louisiana. They're thrilled that we get to ride our bikes outside ALL YEAR, even in winter!

The high in Natchitoches tomorrow is 89 degrees, and as Kelly put it, "you choke on the humidity as you step outside". The weather is just one of the changes we'll experience as we head south.

It's MEA weekend, another unique characteristic of Minnesota. (We will have a week off at Thanksgiving in LA, though!). We're in day 2 of a 4-day weekend. We're laying low and relaxing. Last year at this time we took a family train trip to Wisconsin. Read all about it here. We spent the evening with local friends last night and are looking forward to seeing our wonderful friends, Ruthie & Naomi, for a few hours today. Tomorrow and Sunday bring church, which mean partial workdays for me.

I'm feeling a bit scattered... Not much to talk about, but lots of words to say, if that makes any sense at all. Perhaps I'll revisit the keyboard when I'm feeling a bit more... together. Until then: I Love Long Weekends!

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