Monday, October 15, 2007

16 Days

Two weeks and two days until Kelly flies back to Minnesota! (I resist saying "home", only because it won't be that for long.) I am literally counting down the days until we're all together again, in case you hadn't noticed...

We've been encouraged recently in our plans to move. We've found a Christian school for the kids to attend, with incredibly reasonable tuition. We'll be paying less for both Claire & Nolan to attend all day, than we currently pay for Nolan to attend preschool. It's a small church school, and we're totally thrilled about it. We were very concerned about school possibilities, as we're moving from the greatest public school system in the nation to... well, just about the worst. Our fears are eased now, however, as we know they'll continue to receive quality education as well as the opportunity to learn in a loving, Christian environment. This also means new uniforms, backpacks, shoes and lunchboxes, but we're hoping this creates excitement for the kids as they attend school together.

We've also found a few different housing opportunities in Natchitotches. Kelly has looked at newly built town homes that are available, and he's also looking at homes for rent. A family is set to look at our home this afternoon, and we pray that they fall in love with it and want to move in! Finding someone to rent before we leave would save us a lot of money and headache.

The time has flown by, and still so many things do to. We rejoice in God's sovereignty as we see His plan unfold before us!

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