Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Coming Together

In about a month we'll be 1200 miles away and our lives will be turned upside-down. Things are beginning to come together in preparation of our move, but much still needs to happen. We're looking for a place to live in Natchitoches, need to find a renter for our current home so we can break our lease, exploring education options for our children and oh yeah - I need to start packing. We've moved enough times now, however, that I'm an ol' pro. I can knock it out in a week or so!

I've taken on a bit more responsibility at work, which is continues to be a good thing. I enjoy keeping busy. Nolan & Claire are both enjoying being Star Students in their classes this month, as we prepare to say goodbye to friends, new and old.

So, not a lot new to report. Waiting & trusting that all that needs to happen... will happen. This journey has been one of faith for us, and we're facing the challenge that not everyone understands why we're taking this path. We are excited to see the victory Christ will reveal in His time and be know that we can claim it now. We're in the midst of the adventure that God has created in His perfect wilderness, and we rejoice that we have been chosen to be part.

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Sara S said...

Hey Angela--sounds like everything is wrapping up for you in MN...Sad news today...Carrie Peterson died this morning-just thought I'd let you know because I think you knew who she was...Take Care