Friday, August 03, 2007

A Season

I was cleaning up from snack prep at VBS on Wednesday when I heard the news of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Details were few and sketchy as I gasped and said a quick prayer. When we arrived home, I tuned in to the news to learn the horrific details. Kelly & I watched in awe, shook our heads and had little to say. The kids asked what had happened and we explained in the easiest, least traumatic way possible. We've received calls from family & friends around the nation to see if we're alright. We were tucked safely away in Rochester, but that doesn't mean we haven't been affected.

Here's a post by John Piper that helps to put things into perspective. (I first linked to it from a friend's blog... Thank you, Kate.) It's a must-read.

Sometimes life is blissful. We live life easily, happy where we are & in what we're doing. Laughter comes quickly and often. Other times we're faced with trials, with circumstances that are hard. Tears, pain and frustration are felt more often then not. Often a trying time is referred to as a season. This isn't a new term or the first time I've used it, but I've come to appreciate it recently. We know that seasons are part of the cycle. Just like winter that can seem endless, it is only a season.

I know of several who are in their very own season, with circumstances that vary. The main difference, however, is found in how we navigate our season. Do we rely on God to steer us through? Are we seeking the wisdom that is to be found and claiming the victory that is to be had? I write these words with ease, but putting them into practice is much harder.

Last year, as we headed into our own season, I participated in the Beth Moore study Believing God. God used the truths she taught in my life:

1. God is who He says He is.
2. God can do what He says He can do.
3. I am who God says I am.
4. I can do all things through Christ.
5. God's Word is alive and active in me.

Our season is not over. The willingness we had at the beginning is hanging by a thread. Our season is longer than anticipated. At times it may seem the end is near, other times is feels as though we're back in the heart of the struggle. Sometimes I forget God's promises. But God doesn't. We must cling to Him, lest we waste away in despair. It is only a season.

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