Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Liar, Liar

I lied.

I said in my last post that nothing exciting was happening around here. Well, our excitement level has just gone to level orange, bordering on red.

We're moving to Louisiana.

(Pause for effect)

Kelly accepted a position as Assistant Coach at Northwestern State University, a NCAA Division I state university in Natchitoches, LA. He resigned from his position at Crossroads today, his last day is a week from Friday and he'll start at NSU September 9th for Fall Baseball. Kelly is very excited and this opportunity has presented itself quickly and furiously recently. Kelly will be coaching under JP Davis, newly named head coach of the NSU Demons.

The kids and I will remain in Rochester until November. Claire will begin 1st grade, Nolan will start preschool and I will teach until we leave. Kelly will return to MN in November, after the conclusion of fall ball, and we'll make the move south as a family.

We're really excited about this tremendous opportunity (and a little scared too!). Our Minnesota bodies will have to acclimate to the 50 degree winters, but I'm pretty sure we'll make it!

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sara strickfaden said...

Oh my goodness!!! It's been maybe a week or so since I read your blog---was I missing out or what! How exciting..Congratulations! What a perfect time to move-right when the cold is settling in...:)