Thursday, August 30, 2007

Meet the Teacher - 2 Ways

We are definitely in 'back-to-school' mode. Last night was Claire's 'Meet the Teacher' night, where we met Ms. Blaine, saw her new classroom and picked out a desk & locker. We've purchased our school supplies, labeled each and every one (ah, the label maker!), have our first-day-of-school outfit all picked out and we're ready to go!

This morning was 'Meet the Teacher' for both Nolan & I. Nolan met his teachers - he's taking several classes at the preschool - Art, Gym, Jesus & Me, Spanish, Explorers (geography), plus a standard curriculum 4-year old class. He'll be in school all day Mon - Thurs. I met my students & their families - all 54 of them! I'm exhausted! I'm certain we'll all be headed to bed very early next week as we adjust to our new schedules.

While my director and teacher are aware of the fact that we're moving, we aren't making it known to the families in my classes. Many are parents of first-time preschoolers and we don't want to add any more stress to what they're already feeling. Many are worried about issues such as potty training, discipline, routines, while other mom & dads are just happy to have them in school. It'll be a fun time, no matter what.

I've got to hit the hay for a quick snooze... One week until Kelly leaves and we have much to do. Friends to visit with and plans to make, all good things that require that I stay awake! I'm off...

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