Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Natch Geek

A few facts about Natchitoches, Louisiana:

1. One pronunciation: 'nack uh dish'

Another: 'nack uh tish'
Another: 'nack uh tush'
Never: 'natch i tochis'

2. It means "natural perfection"

3. The movies Steel Magnolias and The Man in the Moon were filmed there

(as well as several other TV movies)

4. Population: Approx 18,500 (+4!)
NSU enrollement (not included in pop.): 10,000

5. Oprah Winfrey visited Natchitoches in October 2002 after a guest on her show told her how much Natchitoches loved her. Oprah was noted for calling Natchitoches "The Best little town in the whole USA!"

6. Average Highs & Lows:


7. It is the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase and is located halfway between Shreveport and Alexandria.

8. Our (soon to be) New Home!

Don't you just love Wikipedia?!

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