Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Road Trip

We're traveling with the team to Junction City, Kansas today. The kids are excited to stay in a hotel with a pool, so everyone is happy. We'll return late Thursday night (or early Friday morning, depending on how you look at it!). Our friend, Casey (wife of pitching coach Rich B), has returned after a 3 week hiatus. [Side note: Rich's parents were in a motorcycle accident and they were gone for a while to care for them. They've been released from the hospital and are recovering. It's been miraculous. Rich returned after a week and we're thrilled that Casey is back now, too!]

As I type, I'm sitting outside in glorious sunny, breezy 75 degree weather. It's a fabulous change from the high 90s we've been having. It's 10:14 am and Kelly & the kids are still sleeping. Yup, we're still on that crazy nocturnal schedule. Good thing we'll be home for over a month before school begins because we'll have a hard time adjusting, I'm sure.

I received a call this week that my lead teacher on M-Th mornings this fall has growing numbers in her afternoon classes. Once they hit 10 students, they hire an assistant. Looks like that will be me. That takes me to almost 30 hours a week, with Fridays off. It's a genuine answer to prayer because I had been offered a position within the church and I was hesitant about taking it. I'll now turn it down and stay in the classroom.

Shortly after we get home we'll gear up for VBS, lots of swimming in the new Acquatic Center at the Y, and I'll begin staff training and meetings. Life is good!

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