Thursday, July 26, 2007



These are all words that could be used to describe me.

Here's a little recap of the last 24 hours or so...

Yesterday, 7:15 am: Wake the kids up to go to camp.
8:15-3:00 pm: Sub at camp while kids bowl, swim, tumble and have a great time at Camp Kingdom Kids.
5:00 pm: Tune into live broadcast of the Grays' game against the Chillicothe Mudcats online.
5:30 pm: Think about how great it will be when Kelly comes home on Friday after losing tonight's game as they're playing a tough team and they've used up their pitching.
7:15 pm: Put Claire & Nolan to bed early after several late nights and early mornings.
8:00 pm: Listen in astonishment at the Grays win!
8:15 pm: Decide to pack up the van & the kids and drive to Clarinda, Iowa.
8:45 pm: Run around the house like a mad woman, packing and tidying up. Wake up kids.
9:00 pm: Call Kelly, tell him we're on our way.
10:30 pm: Drive.
11:30 pm: Kids are asleep again.
12:15 am: Drive some more.
1:30 am: Start to get tired. Try to find a better radio station.
2:12 am: Begin to wonder if this was such a good idea after all.
2:27 am: Start to get really tired.
2:32 am: Turn off radio and sing the soundtrack to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to stay awake.
2:49 am: Continue to question the wisdom of my decision.
3:02 am: Determine to make it.
3:12 am: Pull into the Comfort Inn in Marysville, MO.
3:13 am: See the excitement on the kid's faces as they wake up and see Dad.
3:15 am: Know it was all worth it!

So, yes, we are back with the team to take in another game tonight. I know, totally crazy, right? But life is too short not to have an adventure once in awhile! The team plays tonight at 5pm. If they win, they play tomorrow. If they lose, we'll head back to Kearney, MO, wrap things up and bring Kelly home with us Saturday. Day by day.

I'm tired. But I hear the kids swimming with Kelly outside and smile because this is what it's all about.

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