Saturday, July 28, 2007

48 Hours

Rochester, MN to Maryville, MO. Maryville to Clarinda, IA. Clarinda to Kearney, MO. Kearney to Kansas City, MO. Kansas City to Rochester, MN. All in less than 48 hours. (46.5 to be exact!)

We had a great time on our impromptu trip. Alas, the Grays lost their final elimination game on Saturday evening, but it was a great game to watch, one the team can be proud of. After the game we had a late meal at Cracker Barrel and spent the night back in Kearney. Friday morning Kelly headed to the FCA offices to check guys out and say a final goodbye. We picked him up, ate a birthday lunch at Chili's (Happy 33rd, Kelly!) and headed home. We pulled in our driveway at 7:30 last night and enjoyed a good night's sleep. We're spending the day together in true Saturday style. We're still in our pjs, resting and preparing for 'real life' once again.

Welcome Home, Kelly! To a great season and a fantastic summer!

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