Sunday, July 08, 2007

One More Week

We've decided to stay an additional week. That will bring us to a grand total of one month that the kids & I have been gone. We're thrilled to be able to stay as long as we have but I'm certain that there will be tears when we head back home.

The team heads back to Topeka, KS this evening but I think the kids & I may have to skip this one. We enjoyed a game yesterday at 2pm and by the end of the ninth inning it was 101 degrees. The heat is beginning to wear us out. (Hear that, I said 'beginning'. Well, I'm already worn out, but Claire & Nolan's seemingly boundless energy is finally hitting a wall.) A friend here in Kearney loaned us a computer projector so our living room is now a movie theater. We'll spend tonight laying low in effort to prepare for a busy upcoming week.

Tomorrow is an off day for the team and we'll have a family outing & spend time with my sister and her family one last time. Tuesday - Saturday will be all baseball, all the time, including an overnight stay in Kansas. After we head back we'll try to settle back into 'regular life', if there is such a thing!

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