Thursday, September 07, 2006

No Tears Today

Angela: I can still remember the day my mom & I attended my high school freshman orientation. The cheerleaders performed, pep-rally style. I looked over and saw my mom crying. I knew she had issues, but cheerleaders?? Now, years later, I understand. It's not the cheers that made her cry, but what they represented. I was growing up, going to high school. And here I am today, after just sending our only daughter off to kindergarten.

Everyone has asked me, "How are you taking it?", "Are YOU okay?". I'm fine. Really. I got a tiny bit misty when told of another mom breaking down after leaving her daughter inside, and as I looked around at the "big" school with the "big" kids running around. But tears? Not today. Maybe it's because Claire has been talking about kindergarten since the day she emerged from the womb, or perhaps it's because I know she's ready for school, or maybe it's because I'm ready for the routine that only the school year can bring - whatever it is, I'm not sad.

And as anyone who knows me can attest: Angela Spann is an emotional woman. I emote at every turn. Show me a tear and I'll bawl with you. But no one is sad today (well, Nolan was missing his sister and really wanting to play with that cool train set in Claire's classroom, but his new Fergus - a dear friend of Thomas the Tank Engine - has erased any tears that may have emerged).

We'll celebrate this big day with lunch at McDonald's playland. Yes, Claire is only in school for 2 1/2 hours each day... Maybe I'll cry next year.

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