Sunday, September 24, 2006

Home Again??

When will Rochester be home?

We made a quick trip back to Mayer this weekend, causing a bit of confusion for Claire & Nolan. Prior to leaving Friday afternoon, a teary Claire insisted that she would miss Rochester. We promised that we'd return the next day, but I don't think she fully understood. We arrived in Waconia and after spending an hour with our friends, the Bechtles, we headed to our (mostly empty) house in Mayer. "Everything looks so different, Mom. The stairs are shiny and the doorknobs are rounder," Claire observed. (I think she just wasn't used to seeing it so clean.) We bedded down on an air mattress and sleeping bags and watched a movie on our 7" DVD player. (I did several loads of laundry, trying to clean as many clothes as I could without having to pay $2 a load...)

The next morning as we got ready to head to breakfast, Nolan was upset that we'd "left all our toys in Rochester!". I explained that we were only visiting our house and that we'd return to Rochester later in the day. Really, he couldn't have been more confused.

All in all, we had a great time with the Fisk Family on Saturday, enjoying lunch, playing & shopping. It was very quick, to say the least, but we needed to pick up a few forgotten items and make a price change on our home with our realtor. We wish it could have been longer, that we'd been able to see more friends, but it's difficult trying to exsist in two places at once. Kelly & I have stopped referring to either Mayer or Rochester as "home", not wanting to confuse anyone, including ourselves!

We hope that with time (and the sale of our house), Rochester will become home, no matter how long we're here. Some days we can see the future here in Rochester, other times, well... let's just say we're staring intently at the calendar, wondering what's next.

As a family, we are enjoying ourselves. Life is very simple right now. We're taking advantage of the conveniences of Rochester, including the many restaurants and ample shopping close by. We're eating out more often than we should (but if you saw our kitchen, you'd understand!) - and we've not frequented a restaurant more than once so far! It's fantastic!

And today, a lazy Sunday, we enjoyed a morning of worship, followed by lunch and a sunny afternoon: reading the paper, riding bikes, jumping in mud puddles, and finally, everyone napping as I write.

Claire & Nolan enjoying sunshine today for the first time in a long time

We hope you're also able to enjoy some "lazy Sunday" time with your family.
Have a fantastic week!

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