Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday in Roch

I'm really enjoying this blog stuff. More so than creating my own, I enjoy reading others thoughts, musings and opinions. I'm finding myself reading the blogs of strangers! Some are incredibly insightful while others are just plain weird (or scary!). And I love to read those of friends, it keeps me feeling 'close by'.

Not too long ago I was complaining to Kelly that I get so tired of "new" technology. New phones that take pictures, do your laundry and cook supper! Okay, not quite, but almost. There's always something new, something better. I appreciate computers and what they do for us, but I don't like how they turn us off from each other. Everyone (including myself) is chatting on cell phones in public, which is totally rude and obnoxious. Is it really that important that it can't wait? That said, I'm still loving the blog-world! I do realize that it's nothing new and I'm just green when it comes to this stuff. Perhaps it's being disconnected from friends and family that makes me want to feel close and to communicate.

Speaking of trying to connect: We did attend a church this past Sunday, trying to find a new church home for us - the sooner the better. Autumn Ridge has a beautiful facility (Crossroads uses one of it's buildings for their own weekly chapel service) and it's nearby. We enjoyed the service, but we were so tired from the move that we didn't feel... well, moved! We plan to try somewhere new this Sunday. There are so many to choose from and they all seem to be very established and have great ministries. Women's Ministry is important to me, as it's a way to feel part of something, and to learn and grow in the process. Kelly would like to find something to be part of too, and many of the churches have softball & basketball leagues in addition to bible studies and small groups.

We'll register Claire for school this week (kindergarten begins on the 7th), but not before a quick trip to Mayer! Seems we left ALL of our personal papers (birth certificates, ect) behind! I'm hoping for AM kindergarten, we'll have to see if I can be convincing in my plea. The Rochester library has great activities for Nolan, which we'll register for as well.

The weather is beautiful today, we don't have A/C which means hot afternoons and evenings, but the mornings aren't bad. And really, considering the warm temps just a few short weeks ago, it could be a lot worse!

Our vehicle had a hard time adjusting to the move as well. After we arrived she had a nervous breakdown! (I don't usually refer to our car as she... creative license). The starter went our on the Blazer so we had it towed down the street and we hope to get it back today. The college has loaned us a car to use in the meantime. Another plus to campus life: The walk to work is a short one!

Classes begin today. We're still trying to get a feel for the vibe on campus. With such a small population, it's kind of hard to do. Another reason I'm glad we're here: If we were off campus, the kids and I wouldn't know what it's like. After we move we won't have much reason to come visit. All sports are played off-campus and there's no cafeteria, so we won't be coming for lunch!

Well, we're off to explore the city. May the remainder of your week be wonderful.

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LydiaRoux said...

You failed to mention your wonderful and beautiful sister visiting along with her adorably cute son for a few days while her husband is in modules. You also failed to mention how incredibly excited you are to see her and Adrien and that you were thinking that you would have a horrible next few months if you did not see them! Just reminding you of what you missed! Love ya! Lyd