Thursday, August 31, 2006

"I'm New Here!"

Last night was 'Meet the Teacher Night' at Claire's new school. She's officially a Bamber Valley Beaver & has the tye-dye t-shirt to prove it! Ms. Stekel seems very nice and I'm thrilled to say she's in AM kindergarten (I didn't even have to beg!). Claire is "sooooo excited" (her emphasis) and thrilled at the prospect of meeting new friends.

We visited Silver Lake Park over the weekend, hoping to find the outdoor swimming pool still open, alas it was closed for the season. We decided to play at their wonderful park area. It was fantastic, it reminded me of the Three Rivers play park in Minnetrisa. Silver Lake is part of the park system, which is built next to a power plant. The heat from the plant keeps the lake warm enough that it doesn't freeze in winter! I've heard it's the destination for geese in the winter.They had a huge wooden train to sit in, climb on and just pretend. Nolan was in train heaven. Claire met some new friends when we overheard her say, "Hi, My name is Claire. I'm new here!".

I'm thrilled to say that my sister, Lydia, and my 3-month old nephew, Adrien, are visiting with us this week. Lydia's husband, Andre, is taking an intensive 2-week, 2-class seminary module at Nazarene Theological Seminary in KC, so they made the trip to spend some time with us and give Andre some time to "focus". I've missed socializing, so it's great to hang out with my sis. We're taking it pretty easy, but Adrien is a fantastic baby! So good, and so cute!

As I mentioned, I'm longing to chat it up with some other women. I miss our friends & co-workers, there was never a lack of conversation at most times of my day. We attended the CM&A church here last Sunday, Christ Community. It was a youth service, which we really enjoyed. We didn't actually meet anyone, but the kids loved it and for being a larger church, the service had a really intimate feel. We plan to return this week.

Kelly is still feeling a bit new to Crossroads, but really, it's only been 2 weeks! Classes began in earnest this week, he's teaching Tues, Thurs & some Fridays. Volleyball has home games this weekend and soccer is away. New staff (Kelly) mean changes and as we all know, change is usually met with some resistance, especially at a small organization. Also, Kelly's office in not in the main academic building, but in a separate building which also houses the music dept and the bookstore office and what used to be the Student Center (they built a new one last spring). He's pretty much all alone. He hasn't complained, but I know he misses the camaraderie and friendships often found in an office setting - especially an athletic office! (Yet another reason to get "plugged in".) His biggest task at the moment is planning the annual golf tournament fundraiser on the 8th. He's making lots of phone calls for hole sponsors these days. He's also just trying to understand the athletic department, feel-out coaches and "tighten things up" as he says.

I know he's sorely missing baseball, but he's already been in touch with the coach from Rochester Community & Technical College and he'll help out with their program. They're running some winter camps this year, and Kelly will probably be an integral part of that, since he's run the same camp for several years now and RCTC is new this year. The head coach seems glad to have Kelly's help. Crossroads doesn't have any spring sports, which frees him up a bit to do some coaching.

Kelly is officiating football again this year. This summer he had told his "crew chief" (or captain, or whatever they call him) that he couldn't work on his crew this year because of our pending move. When he found out we moved to Rochester, he reassigned him to his crew. Many of his games are really not too far, but tonight he's going to Norwood! Their crew gets high ratings from coaches, and they've been together for awhile, so they may have a good chance of going to the State Championship game. Whoo hoo!!!! Kelly enjoys it, likes who he works with and makes some nice money, too. I'm glad he's doing it (even if it means I won't seem him on Friday nights for awhile!).

No news on our house (sigh). We still have a showing or two each week, but no offers yet. As school begins, it feels like things are slowing in an already slow market. We're praying it will be soon!

So we're still beginning. I'm not sure when we will feel like we're not "new" anymore. Probably not for a long time. That's okay. New is good, right?. And wherever we are is Home.

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