Thursday, August 17, 2006

Packin' Up... Movin' Out!

With every move we'd made (this is number 8!) Kelly & I always have the same agreement: Angela packs the boxes, Kelly moves the boxes. I do always pack each and every box, but somehow I end up moving them as well. One particular move comes to mind. It wasn't a major move, as we had to move from one apartment to another in Faith Village at Crown as we waited to close on our Waconia Townhome. But after I had packed all the boxes, Kelly sprained his ankle playing noon ball at Crown. I moved each and every box as well! (I love to tease him about that... He's seems to get injured at the most convenient times!)

This time I've definitely procrastinated on the packing. We had done a major purging of "stuff" when we put our home up for sale and I'm not a "keeper". If it doesn't have a place or immediate purpose, I probably got rid of it. This was my reason for the delay. And not knowing where we were going, and the possibility of a cross-country move inspired the thought of hiring packers, but alas, I'm picking up my tape and boxes yet again.

Since we haven't sold our home (yet) we are leaving a lot of things in Mayer. Much of our bigger and newer furniture will stay, as well as several boxes and bins. So, the pressure to pack is not what it could be. I need pressure, however, as I'm a last-minute kinda gal.

Kelly's first day at Crossroads was Tuesday, and he remains in Rochester until today. He's waiting to move into a new office they're preparing for him and he's finding his footing, making his way. It's been a bit slow-going, getting settled. The Athletic Department consists of Kelly and Kelly only, so finding information as been a bit tougher than he anticipated. The coaches are part-time and he's his own admin assistant. Students are arriving this weekend, soccer and volleyball players checked-in this week. As the school-year begins, things will fall into place, we're certain.

My last day of work was Friday. I gave a short notice, and everyone was understanding. I had let everyone know what was going on and my bosses and fellow employees have been extremely loving and supportive. I will miss them! They gave me a Ridgeview Cookbook and lovely card. I did enjoy my time working at the hospital, I liked working with patients especially. But the real reward came from my co-workers, I'm so thankful for the friendships that have been forged over these past 2 years.

We pick up the moving truck tomorrow and will load up on Saturday morning. The kids are excited - we've been talking about moving for so long, they're looking forward to it actually happening.

In the midst of all this, we had a showing last night and another scheduled for this evening. I was tempted to ask the potential buyers to wait until after we're out, but decided to accommodate them. We've had so many showings in the 6 weeks we've had our house on the market, I've lost count. We don't get our hopes up any more. Our realtor did say she expected an offer by Friday from a couple moving from Hutchinson, although it would be contingent as they still have a home to sell. Nothing is ever certain in real estate, so we'll have to see. A contingent offer is better than no offer, though!

As we wait for our home to sell, we anticipate that we'll return to the area to pick up that necessary-but-forgotten box and to eventually close on our home. (And as a friend pointed out, the Mall of America is just about halfway, so friends, when you're read to shop and eat, I'll meet you, okay?!)

But as of Saturday, we'll be residents of Rochester. You can reach us at:
920 Mayowood Rd SW
Rochester, MN 55902
Kelly's Office (507) 535-3338
Home (507) 424-1425

(And for you locals, we're having a gathering at the Pizza Ranch on Friday evening, 5:30pm in Waconia. We'll stuff ourselves one last time!)

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Erica said...

Hey it's great that kelly got the job! Yeah for you guys. Hope to talk to you soon!

Love Erica