Sunday, August 13, 2006

Spanns Head South

When our "Year of Growth" (Kelly's words) began, we thought a move would take us south - way south. We were longing for the southern states - Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, the Carolinas...

Well, we're going south, just not quite as far as originally planned! Southern Minnesota is as far as we'll go this year. Kelly has decided to accept the job offer at Crossroads College in Rochester, MN!

God is Faithful, and we are thankful! Pastor Jon's Sermon this morning hit it on the head. God's ways are not our ways, His timing is more perfect than we could ever imagine. We are excited to begin this new chapter in our lives.

Kelly will begin right away (as in tomorrow!) and we plan to move on Saturday. (So if anyone is looking for a free lunch and and a workout, we'd love your help!) Crossroads is providing a 5-bedroom apartment for us to move into. We've talked about moving for so long, now that it's actually happening is surreal. Rochester is just over 2 hours from Mayer, and we're thankful that we're not having to say hasty (and tearful) goodbyes. The short distance ensures that we'll see our Midwestern friends! (Speaking of which, some of our very good friends, the Morgan Family, are also relocating to Rochester! How lucky are we to have great friends make this move with us?!)

And although we haven't spent a lot of time in Rochester, we're confident that it'll be a great place to live. As a family who has to drive 25 minutes to the nearest Target and even further to the nearest shopping mall, we're looking forward to the convenience of Rochester. Restaurants, malls, discount stores, you name it, are all within 5 minutes of the college. Claire's school is just down the road and the Mayo Clinic is just minutes away.

Thank you to all of you who have been so active in praying for us. We have definitely felt those prayers throughout this entire process. We have amazing friends and family supporting us. Thank You!!

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