Monday, August 21, 2006

We Made It!

Rochester, Minnesota will never be the same! The Spanns have arrived! We loaded up the Budget truck (and used every last inch of space) with the help of amazing friends! Thank you Jon & Laila, Chato & Sheri and Brad. We couldn't have done it without you! (I'm trying not to think about all the stuff we left at home, and how we'll have to load it up too eventually.)

We arrived at Crossroads to find 8 RA students ready & willing to help us unload - yay! All in all, it was a smooth process. We're still getting settled, but the kids like their "new" rooms and enjoy their new home. (We were a bit nervous, as Nolan said "I wanna go home" shortly after we arrived on campus - It was a big day for him, and it didn't help that his eye was partially swollen shut due to a nasty mosquito bite. He's recovering well though and we're enjoying our time spent at the playset on campus.)

We re-arranged Kelly's office today, adding our loveseat as it won't fit in our tiny living room! We'll definitely be sharing the same bowl of popcorn during movie time!

A great perk of being on campus is convenience: Kelly walks to work & comes home for lunch. But two things I'm thankful for are the tv satellite and wireless internet! I feel spoiled!

We plan to get to know Rochester this week. We'll enroll Claire in kindergarten, track down the local library and join the YMCA. Rochester offers lots of activities and options, it's very exciting for the kids (and mom)! Nolan is really excited about the subway & skyway system downtown and Claire can't wait to hit the mall for school shopping.

Time for me to hit the grill though, we're having our friend Jeff Morgan, stay with us this week as they wait to close on their new home here in Ro' town. We're so thankful to have built in friends in this new city!

May your Monday be filled with Marvel! Miss you all already!

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The Bechtles said...

We're so glad you're settling in, we've been thinking about you and wondering how things are going. I'm so glad you had movers on that end to help. If you move the rest of your stuff while we're still here, we're glad to help again =)
Miss you all,
Laila, for the Bechtles