Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have a long list of household projects I'd like to do. Did you catch that? ...I'd LIKE to do. Some I just don't have the funds for (like new kitchen counter tops & sink), for others I need a stretch of time (painting the hallway and bathrooms). Then there are all the little things that drive me crazy, that aren't terribly costly or time-consuming, but between practices, games, birthday parties and life, I just don't don't get around to (getting rid of all brass wall plate covers).

This weekend, however, I was surprised with 5 hours of uninterrupted alone time. All by myself. At home. I conquered one small project that has plagued me since we moved in: Rusted brassy outdoor lanterns on our front porch (lots of brass around here - lots).

I really would like to purchase big, beautiful new ones, but since they're not in the budget, I summoned some ingenuity and made them over. Buh-bye rusty brass, Hello hammered bronze!



With the top and glass removed. Seriously bad.


Ahh. Much Better.

All it took was a can of spray paint for the low, low price of $3.48.

Funny how something so small makes me so happy!


Mariann said...

Ooooh. I need to do the same thing all over my house (brass fuh days). Any trick to it?

The Spann Fam said...

not really! i used rustoleum spray paint, which you can spray "right over rust" so says the can. on something that is handled a lot, like a switch plate or door handle, you need to sand it, or rough it up, to hold the paint. pretty happy overall!

Holly said...

you are so handy and creative! love it!